Dior Sparkle Top Coat Lipgloss 2008 Christmas


Dior have really captured my heart, it seems, this Christmas. Almost as much as this man: This LE sparkle gloss is just booti-ful: It’s filled with little micro sparkles, of all kinds of multi colours. Good in its own or course on top of a lipstick. I know there are a million sparkly clear glosses out there but the best ones are the likes of Chanel, where the sparkle looks almost holographic. I did buy […]

Dior Pink Essence 351 Creme de Gloss Xmas LE!


I have talked about Dior’s Creme De Gloss a few times, here and here. I know some of you ladies just dig it, but I’m not a fan. Nice texture but lifeless colours and dull lips on me. I tried the fig and beige previously and gave them both away. Cue Pink Essence a LE colour from the Night Collection from Dior Xmas 08. I just happened to swatch this whilst buying the glitter gloss. […]

Christian Dior Twlight Palette Xmas 08


Twilight Palette is one of the 2 released for the Christmas Dior Collection. This one is not LE, the other one is. You know what gets on my nerves? When a SA doesn’t know what is LE or not. Is this LE? Yes it all is. I go home and check and its not LE at ALL. I know I should do my research first but surely these girlies should check before they give me […]

Dior Creme De Gloss in Pink Essence (Rose De Essence)

I didn’t love Dior’s Creme De Gloss at all when it was first released.  Yes it is a nice texture, but I hated how dull it looked on the lips and I hated the colour selection; I owned Beige and Fig which I just found so dull dull dull. So back at the Dior counter, the girl tells me that the Creme De Gloss (one in a nude beige, one was Pink Essence) is LE.  […]

YSL Quint disappointment


So off I went on my lunch, accosting the YSL counter full of excitement.  Remember I was looking the for YSL Quints – the green, lilac and blue all looked amazing. Swipe.  Swipe.  Swipe. Ok they were ok.  The green is the softest and nicest in my opinion but the colours were oh-so-flat.  Some of the high end brands seem to do this; YSL, Chanel, Dior, have somewhat medium pigmented shades so the finished look […]

Dior Goldfever

Yes ok, I’m slow. So what? Don’t blame me, blame to speed of which we get new collections in the UK! So I have been dying to the Golds palette. I know some of you ladies were complaining that it is far too warm – yes it is, but thankfully it works on my complexion (about a NC35). The shades are lush. Well pigmented and they really really do cover all the best shades of […]

Dior Sky Glow & Tropical

Dior sure does do some very pretty palettes. Expensive tho, no? Nevertheless, I prefer the texture and quality of Dior to Chanel anyway. Chanel’s can be gritty where as Dior shadows are like butter… I had to pick up these two palettes from the Iridescent range: Swatch was taken with no base, so the colour is quite sheer. Sky Glow is not quite as metallic as I expected. The colours are very cool and I […]

Dior Matte Bronzer SPF

There is nothing worse than a person that glows luminous orange. Its not just ordinary folk, even celebs, who should know better do it! Having said that, since the extremely dull cosmetics companies release bronzer after bronzer after bronzer during the summer months I may as well play ball. I bought the matte Dior Bronzer today with SPF. I like my bronzer to be matte – who wants to be covered in micro glitters. Keep […]

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