Dior Spring Look 2010 Dentelle Collection is Lacy Good


Dior’s Spring Collection, Dentelle has one of the most stunning model shots I have seen this year: I would love to do this look as a FOTD… I haven’t seen the collection in person yet but the colours are quite me. Rather than going for spring pastels or brights, the collection elegant, muted but has the potential to be smoked up. Here are my picks: 5 Couleurs Iridescent Edition Dentelle – in Coquette (£39) LE. […]

Review: Dior Serum De Rouge Lipstick & Treatment in One!

Come ye, come ye, and take a look at my two new beauties: I have seriously developed a sick lipstick obsession – I can’t stop buying them and when I saw this rather stunning lipstick from Dior, I had to pick up two – Mocha 910 and Beige 710. The whole shade range is fairly neutral: So this is an elegant lady’s choice of lip colour? What else? See after the jump!

Review & Swatches: Dior Night Butterfly Quint Palette

I’m a bit late with this one, but I got my paws on the beautiful Dior Night Butterfly Quint, that is part of the fall Jazz Club collection. Dior Quints > Chanel Quads. If you know what I mean. I love purples and they suit me but for some reason I am always drawn to greens instead. This quint comes with a mixture of black, purples and lilacs in the usual pretty palette: See swatches […]

Review: Dior’s Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof Mascara

I’m back! Had a web disaster yesterday so for the first time in a long time where were no new posts! Can you believe it! Today I am reviewing DiorShow Iconic Mascara Extreme Mascara. What it is: A mascara with an innovative oblique brush that curls and defines lashes. First first first – I paid £20 for this Mascara in Boots. Or was it £19? I don’t remember exactly all I know is that I […]

5 Bronzing Powders for people who don’t like Bronzers…


My mission – to find natural(ish), skin enhancing, warmth inducing bronzers that are more tanned brown goddess than orange day glo. There are so many nasty tans out there. I am a tan-o-phobic. The smell of fake tan – that malty, mouldy, cardboardy smell is like the smell of a fart for me. There are good and bad of expensive and drugstore brands but what I personally hate in bronzers is anything: 1. Too orange. […]

Review: Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Lipbalm


I’m one for a little innovation, so when I saw the Lip Glow product on my Dior counter, I just had to plonk down my £18.00 in Selfridges for this…this thing. Because first off, it’s not actually a lip balm. It’s not a lipstick. It’s not a lip gloss. It’s not a mood changing lip colour, like say, a mood ring (because god knows they are accurate). “What it is,” says the Dior lady “is […]

5 Weird & Wonderful Lip Glosses for Weekend

It’s not all about your peachy pinks, your pink beige, milky beige, cherry reds and juicy oranges. Glosses come in all kinds of colours! I had a rummage though my lipgloss draw and found 5 of my most unusual colours. I nicked the style of lip photo from Karen at Make Up & Beauty Blog, it looks good and it means I don’t need to take a separate product and lip swatch image. 1. Lancome […]

Green Lipgloss? Christian Dior Wildest Green Lipgloss & MAC Spring Bean


You know green is my favourite colour…but green lipgloss?! Has the world gone mad?! I have been obsessed with the idea of green lipgloss for sometime, but I am aware that it has to be the right shade of green, with micro shimmers, not something matte or opaque – urgh. I’ve had my eye on MAC’s Spring Bean Lustreglass for a while, which is a sheer green – it even has 4.2 on Makeupalley – […]

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