Weight Loss Update – February


So I mentioned last week I was trying out the Harcombe diet which on paper sounded easy. No carbs, no sugars, no tea or coffee, no milk…and a whole host of other things which make life worth living. Anyway here’s a few things that have been helping me (I say that but the scales will tell me the truth on Friday!). This is Baby Gomez, who is now 18 months. She (yes She) is a […]

Review: Fat Burner Energy Lipbalm

First stickers that go on the bottom of your feet, then calculators you carry round with you to calculate the calories in all your food, then its pills that make you have oily farts. The never ending desire to find a quick/cheap/easy ways to lose weight is never ending. Trust me I know. Six Second Abs? Have it. Wii Fit? Have it. Pills and teas? Have it. That Calculator? I have it. I recently bought […]

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