Purifyne 3 Day Detox (Signature Cleanse Plan B) Review


I’ve always loved the idea of going on a detox – and yes, I am definitely partial to the odd kebab (but it’s a great kebab!) I also generally eat fresh food only.  However, there’s that sluggish, heavy feeling in the gut that always remains and this Purifyne 3 Day Detox seemed like the perfect chance to flush my system out (so to speak).  3 days also seemed like a realistic achievable duration for me […]

Starting the Chris James Cleanse Detox Today!


Good afternoon ladies, are you enjoying the sunshine? Firstly I need to say – I will spend a few hours today answering comments – have just been very busy lately. Secondly – I am starting an interesting regime today called the Chris James Detox! It’s a detox not like other ones I’ve tried before – you get a big pack of 7 supplements and a booklet which tells you what to do. The diet is […]

Do they really work? Detox Foot Pads Review


I write the review tentatively because I don’t like recommending things built around pseudo science but still…here goes. My friend who is a recruitment consultant has a lot of migraines (that figures) had tried out some detox foot pads to see if they would help her sleep better and get rid of head pain. She felt that they did so like the cheapskate that I am, I found a knock off version on eBay: Detox […]

Retox Detox: Trying the Herbalife Diet & Other Types of Detoxing!


For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with the Herbalife Diet! Yep! I guess the Herbalife name is famous for good and bad reasons, but here is what I am trying out: There’s three shakes – Cookies & Cream, Chocolate and Strawberry. I am really not one for Shake diets – I really do like having something to chew on, but I’m giving it a go! There’s a whole ton of supplements that […]

Health Kick: Nude Detox Dietary Supplements


I will be trying out these Nude Capsules for the next month or so! I am always into the idea of vitamins and supplements – I have bought a lot from brands like DHC and Fancl (both Japanese brands that have supplements for EVERYTHING) but guess what – I never get round to taking any of them. As well as requiring discipline, my body is quite sensitive to new medicines and treatments so if I […]

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