The Depotting Queen’s Dream: The UNII Palette Makeup Organiser is the perfect storage


My handbag, for those who have never had the privilege of carrying it, has been likened to carrying an anchor, specifically the one they use to dock the QE2. And that’s despite me loving anything that’s multi use, anything that puts everything I need into one place. Yes, I absolutely love depotting make up. It’s the thrill of it, and as great as it is having make up that is made customized palettes, there’s nothing […]

Timewasting Tutorial: Melt everything!


I have a quite a lot of work to do, many words to churn out and what does a good procrastinator do? Finds things to melt into palettes! I have had a few empty palettes lying around for a while now I was intending to make into useful palettes. My Nars Multiples have lasted FOREVER. I must have chopped an inch off them now for various palettes but there was more than enough for another […]

RMK Eyeshadows in Aveda Palette!

Since it is nearly 2008 and I am hoping for an organised year, I bought a nifty little 6 tray set to keep my make up truly organised – £9.99 from Bargain store Wilkos! Plastic is good so I can wipe clean, and it is light, and the trays are wide but shallow so no rummagin around. Whilst I was on the path or organisation, I decided my beautiful RMK shadows were not getting enough […]

Depotting NYX Trios

Didn’t I say I was on a depotting frenzy? I have 9 NYX trios (overwhelmingly green). There are three methods you can follow – there is Enkore’s which us using Isopropyl Alchohol here, and then there’s another U Tube video where the trio is baked here, finally there is the traditional over the candle method, as used by Vanessa here. I am scared of using heat because they totally ruined my NARS shadows. However, you […]

Nars Cream Eyeshadows & Depotting

I had been lemming the Nars Cream Eyeshadow Quads for a while but since I have quite a few of the solos, I know that these CREASE like crazy. As a base for powder, they are nice but as standalone cream eyeshadows, they don’t/won’t/can’t stand up to the likes of my eye jellies & Shiseido Hydro Powers. Anyway, so I was about to spend £22.50 of Summertime, but you know it does look pretty bleh […]

Depotting Lavshuca Singles

I was in the mood for depotting yesterday, so I went on a bit of a depotting frenzy! I started with Lavshuca singles, since they are fiddly to use when you are trying to apply multiple colours and you need to open one, close one, open one etc. So – these are very easy to depot as they are held down by a tacky clear glue (non drying) like the Shu uemura ones. So all […]

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