Sure Every Day Fresh Deodorant Tested at Chester Zoo! Meerkat Pictures!


Sure’s newest deodorant, Maximum Protection Every Day Fresh offers 48 hour protection and is two times stronger than the leading antiperspirant.  It is still mild enough to use every day and offers dryness protection (if applied at night it forms a level of protection against wetness the next day).   I was given a challenge to test this new deodorant out under some hot and sweaty conditions; as we had some seriously sweltering days in […]

A Deodorant that lasts 7 days? QB Medicated Deodorant Cream Review


Come on – we all sweat. Not everyone sweats equally, granted – but we all sweat. It’s only natural, baby. You’re going to think I have a sweat problem because I keep reviewing deodorants…but I don’t! I swear! I do get very hot though and I hate feeling uncomfortable because of it.  I am also not a big fan of high street deodorant as it gives me rashes and itch patches under my arms. Then […]

Summer time smelly! Deodorant Reviews, Deo Sherbet Bar and 8×4 Roll On Review


Smelly situations occur anywhere, anytime. I was recently in London on a tube and was amazed by the amount of stinky pits around me.  I was in the post office and a duo extremely, extremely stinky walked in and stunk the whole place out.  I was on a tram a very stinky person sat near by – it was a horrific smell, like rotting meat. And all I could do was hold my breath! But […]

Nice pits! Gatsby Powder Deodorant Spray in Lime Green Review


You don’t want to stink, no one else want’s you to stink. I don’t know about you but since I have sensitive arm pits I am careful with what deodorant I use. 99% I won’t use a spray because I find it causes all kinds of problems such as itchy skin or even lumps under the skin which aren’t at all nice to find. I thought I’d try this powder deodorant from Gatsby, a popular […]

UK Giveaway: Win Bionsen Goody Set to Stay Smellin’ Good!

Everyone stinks of OB (as my aunt calls it) sometimes. (For those who haven’t quite woken up yet, yes I do mean BO. Body Odour.) Three UK readers will win a set of 4 items: I am not a deodorant devotee basically because I find most of them too harsh on my pits, and I get a dry itchy rash whether its a spray or a roll on. However – I do use this range […]

Salt of the Earth (Crystal Spring) Deodorant Review


I had this stupid teacher at primary school – I forget her name but she had a turkey neck and was super bossy all the damn time. She used to use phrases that confused me all the time like, “Hold your horses” (What horses?) “It’s raining cats and dogs” (Where, where?) “Not in a month of Sundays” (There’s a month without Sundays?)* “[He thinks she’s the} Salt of the Earth” (Bitching about the headmaster, which […]

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