Because I’ll never have a full size one: Shu Uemura Train Case Keyring


I actually don’t like train cases much. They smell of plastic. I can’t stand it, I only use them because I need a practical storage solution. There is one case I would die for and its the Shu Uemura medium sized one…it opens up from the middle and has 2 tiers. Its beautiful. Its also in the region of £300 smackers, which means I won’t be buying it any time soon. So instead I bought […]

Notebook Geekery: Paperchase Day Trippers Notepad


Didn’t I say I have a notebook fetish? Mr Candy found stacks and stacks of half used notebooks and diaries, and he has totally banned me from buying any more…but I couldn’t resist Paperchase’s new collection Day Trippers when I was browsing in store yesteryday: I think Paperchase get it so, so right for stationery addicts like me. They release new collections every few months that they design, usually 2 or 3 at a time […]

Haul, Don’t Touch! Too Faced Smurfy Collection

My lovely friend, The Muse got me some goodies from the US of A and one of the ranges was the Smurfy collection from Too Faced! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! I haven’t witnesses such cuteness is the Chisato range from Shu Uemura (still need to swatch that for you! Not enough hours in the day)… So I got 2 glitter eyeliners, Smurf You (blue) and Feelin’ Smurfy (white), Illuminating Powder and the Quad. Glitter Eyeliners: […]

So Cute I nearly Died

Busy, busy today ladies, forgive me for the lack of posts. To make up for it, I wanted to show you possibly the cutest little ball of fluff in the world – she/he makes me want to dress in pink and squeal like Paris Hilton on acid: OMG! OMG! Could this kitten topple the gorgeous Maru in cuteness stakes?!

Cute or Daft? Jelly Pong Pong Shadow Taffy

Make up brand, Jelly Pong Pong have special gift bags out that tend to be very good value for money. I got a gift bag recently that contained the Lip Orchid and Shadow Taffy from ASOS. Here is the Shadow Taffy – possibly the cutest packaging and case, ever: Oh yes – this duo palette comes in a pretty cardboard cage, held together with ribbons. How cute? That bird? Yes that’s your palette. No you […]

Cute Haul of the day: Care Bear Stare!

We’re you a fan of the Care Bears? I was – my favourite was Wish A Lot Bear (the green one): When in reality, Grumpy is more my style: I saw this cute lipbalm and had to have it – its raspberry flavoured: The lipbalm compact is actually quite big – about 3 inches across. The lipbalm is nothing special – but I figured I could try using it up, if its no good I […]

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