The New Selfridges Beauty Hall at Manchester Exchange Square: A Review or Lament


Selfridges is (was?) one of my favourite shops to amble through aimlessly after a hard day at work, and obviously my first love was the make up floor, which was at ground level, very handy, no trying to find the right lift (elevator) to take you down and back up again.  Second favourite department is food of course, especially the deli and their amazing queen olives. Anyhoo, for some reason Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square (which is in […]

Screw You! Fragrance Direct UK Discount Perfume Store Review & Rant


Why do I do this to myself? I made an order last week – let’s call it I woz bored shopping, at Like many similar online discount stores, they sell discounted scent, skincare and make up. There are lots of these kinds of sites on the web, some are fantastic, some not so much. Fragrance Direct is one of the bigger, well known discount stores so despite some people telling me it was dodgy, […]

Screw You!: Skin Deep Beauty Salon, Manchester and bad, bad customer service


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Screw You! post… Well, here it is. This one is dedicated to Skin Deep, a beauty salon based in Didsbury, Manchester. I got the £2 for £20 worth of treatments for Skin Deep, via Wahanda on the 19th July. So for a week after the voucher arrived in my mailbox, I tried calling the salon a few times. The first few times the line just rang and […]

Bad Customer Service: Pak Cosmetics and the case of the solid face mask


A week or two ago, I purchased a number of items from Pak Cosmetics online, which sells all kinds of Afro Hair Care/Extension/Weave/Make Up products (they just sell a ton of stuff basically). I was all excited and rather impressed to begin with…everything seemed great, they even called me up on a Sunday to tell me something was out of stock and to pick an alternative. Then the order arrived. A few old looking jars […]

Unrelated to Beauty rant: Dodgy, much? review


Didn’t want to rant about random customer service experiences on here, but hey, I want to prevent anyone else from falling foul of using this god awful website called Stupid me – I though I had found a great deal for my mama and placed an order 11 days ago. Entered all her card details (she was sat next to me, oh internet police!) even though she was tentative about sharing card details (I […]

Random Mini Rant: MAC Shops


MAC sales assistants have always had a bit of a bad rap from me – whilst I’ve always moaned about their icy cold attitudes and tranny like make up, I am an open minded one. I always hope that in time, things change, things get better. So those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I had an epic day out in London yesterday. So I went to the MAC Pro shop first. […]

Well that didn’t go very well: Jessops Customer Service

A few weeks ago, some PR offered me a voucher to spend at Jessops so that I could order some Christmas photo gifts and if I was happy with them, report back to you guys. Well…I’m not particularly happy with it but I am telling you anyway. So I could choose two small photo items – I picked a snow globe (£4) with a picture of my family’s newest addition, and a Linen cloth bag […]

Tell Me: Which make up counter has beyatches?

Yesterday I made a quick dash to the local shopping centre (hellish – too many Christmas shoppers getting in my way. Online shopping people! Why wasn’t I online shopping? Why darling, when I need a sparkly mauve lipstick, I need it now). Whilst I was in Boots, I was accosted by a bizarre lady from the Benefit counter who grabbed me and asked where I got my brows done. I know a sales woman when […]

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