Stain in a stick? Cosmetics a la Carte Cheek Ice in Papaya Review


I am definitely a cream/liquid blush kinda gal, more so than a powder one because my skin is a little dry, I love the dewy glow they give. Tints are lovely too – they tend to be more sheer than cream blushers, but they do set and last for a long time, even though they are sheerer.  Another advantage of tints is that they can be used on the lips without looking dry and chalky. […]

Cosmetics A La Carte Divine Lash Mascara Review


Cosmetics A La Carte’s custom foundation is now my every day base – so effortless to use and now their new Divine Lash mascara to try! This comes in a biggish silver tube: Divine Lash comes with a slim tapered flexible brush that is perfect for finding those fair and fine corner and bottom lashes and giving them a good coating of black. It’s also pretty good for those with pale or short lashes and […]

Cosmetics a la Carte Bespoke Colour Custom Foundation Service Review


See, I have this problem with getting exactly the right shade – I am sure many other ladies understand what I mean. Slightly too dark…slightly too light….slightly too yellow…slightly too pink…. My drawers are full of these almost-but-not-quite foundations. Some of my favourite foundations have gorgeous textures but don’t quite get it right colour-wise. A few weeks ago I popped down to Cosmetics a la Carte’s little boutique in Knightsbridge to get a custom foundation […]

Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink; A Felt Tip for Eyebrows?


As I already have a decent head of…face of….cluster of…brow hair, I am always looking for super easy grooming products, like tinted brow gels. I do like brow ink pens, like heroine make and 24 brow tattoo; despite look scary, they leave a really natural result. Infact, the ones I have tried so far are nice, but almost a bit too natural, leaving just a slight hint of tint. Cosmetics a la carte have three […]

Cosmetics A La Carte Outliner Set for Christmas; Matte Black, Juniper, Metal and Goldmine


I am completely obsessed with cream and gel eyeliners – my favourites include Maybelline’s Eye Studio and Kiss Me for black, Coffret D’or and Etude House for colour liners. If they are dual purpose and come in lots of interesting colours, even better! Cosmetics A La Carte are offering a set of four of their Outliners as a Christmas set: Outliners are dual purpose liners and eyeshadows. There’s 16 colours to choose from. These chunky […]

Review: Cosmetics a la Carte Secret Light Eye Base and Concealer


I am a fan of Cosmetics a la Carte make up, even though when you see the products they are pretty laid back and unassuming. I picked up this Secret Light product because its a sort of 2 in one – an eye primer/base but also a concealer that can be used all around the eye area. I picked it up in Ivory, which is the lightest shade since I always end up with concealers […]

Lady Gaga Neons: Cosmetics a la Carte Lip Gloss & Flush Blush

Ever found a to die for shade that you just can’t get out of your head? Its ok, you think, I’ll find a cheaper dupe somewhere else, there has to be one somewhere… Sometimes you find the dupe, sometimes you don’t. I admit, I am somewhat rubbish at looking for dupes – if a shade or product wows me (and that doesn’t happen often) then its probably something quite special. I was determined to find […]

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