New Video! Halloween Tutorial, Japanese Horror Film Style

Ok, so we were pressed for time… Nevertheless I hope you enjoy our Halloween offering. One day, when Megan has a boyfriend…I will make sure I show him all of…

Feel Good Friday: Stuff On My Cat & Why you shouldn’t send me too much padding


This is a post to contrast tomorrows screw you extravaganza. There’s nothing better than a stacked cat. Just thought I’d share some pictures of one of my cats, CJ, who…

Cadbury’s complaints department replied!

So I was moaning the other day about the lack of fruit and nut in my fruit and not, and Cadbury’s sent me a letter! It says: Thank you for…

What are you trying to say? For thicker, longer, lashes video

My Candy sent me this video, so I don’t know what he’s trying to say…. Lashisse from Molly Sims Ok, I get it! Women are stupid! *applies lash serum*

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