Review: Coffret D’or Full Keep Gel Liner in PK03 and DB04

Have you met Coffret D’or (must remember where to put the apostrophe) yet? The Japanese brand by Kanebo replaced my beloved T’estimo a while back and although I have several of their palettes, lipsticks and blushers, we are still only acquaintances. I love Gel liners though. Booby Brown does the sensible colours the best but what about the sparkly fun ones? Coffret D’or has two from the new colours: DB04 is a dark navy with […]

Coffret D’or Lip Base Essence


One of my mother’s nicknames for me is ‘pouty lips’ because they are quite full and I sulk a lot. I never though of this as an asset until everyone starting pumping up their lips left, right and centre. Most of the pumpee’s I’ve seen look very duck like. I concur that god gave you what he gave you for a reason. Anyway, as full as my lips may be, they are terribly dry most […]

Coffret D’or Luminous Accent Eye Shadow


I could be wrong, but from what I remember, Coffret D’or was a replacement for T’estimo, a brand I adored. Coffret D’or has been MEH for me – I have a few of their lipsticks and eyeshadow quads, but I didn’t feel it. Something about their new quads, Luminous Accent Eyeshadows captured me: I love the way Japanese brands go to the extent of repackaging their products every season. Western brands do this rarely – […]

Kanebo Coffret D’or New Dec 08 Lipsticks


Kanebo’s Coffret D’or replaced the lovely T’estimo range about a year ago – I always thought that T’estimo was a great range, so was a bit sad to see it go. Coffret D’or, although I have nothing against it hasn’t quite captured my imagination – I think it’s quite similar to Shiseido’s upmarket MAQUillage – sleek, glossy, elegant but not outrageously expensive like SKII or Cle De Peau, however I prefer MAQUillage. Anyway – I […]

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