Treatment for Dry Hair: Virgin Coconut Oil


Ahhhh. My hair and scalp could do with some TLC and in these situations I always reach for my trusty jar of Virgin Coconut Oil. (Jar from Ikea, Coconut oil from eBay – of course!) This has lasted me ages as I buy it 1kg at a time. Virgin Coconut oil is antibacterial and a lot of people using for cooking although I personally associate it with soapmaking and skincare too much to eat it! […]

Hair Therapy: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme vs Coconut Oil

A few weeks ago I mad an investment and bought the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme hair treatment. This babies cost £22 and it resembles a thick face cream. Full review here. The other thing I have been using on my sore scalp and hair is virgin coconut oil. I have a review of one particular brand coming up but you really don’t need to purchase anything too expensive just because it comes in a pretty […]

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