November 2009 Clinique Bonus Time, Baby!

You girls like Bonus Time? I do. This is from the 12th Nov to 28th Nov 2009 at House of Fraser stores. I want that pouch with lipgloss keyring! Contents: Deep Comfort Body Butter 75ml Take the Day Off Makeup Remover 50ml NEW Youth Surge SPF 15 15ml High Impact Curling Mascara in Black Blushwear Cream Stick in Shy Blush Full Potential Lips in Sugarplump clip-on bag accessory Hurrah

Grind with me! Review: Clinique Superbalanced Mineral Powder Makeup SPF 15

Just when you thought that the only things you could grind were: a. Pepper b. Salt c. Coffee d. An Axe The cosmetic companies prove me wrong. I present Cliniques Superbalanced Mineral Powder Make Up with SPF 15: The grinding thing isn’t original – I had my beady eye on Smashbox’s Halo Hydrating Powder for a long time but at £41.50 (including a brush) it was too pricey for my liking PLUS there was only […]

Free Stuff!: Clinique Bonus Time for September 2009

I have my beady eye on some of the new Clinique items, but I think I will wait for their next Bonus Time (with 2 items, one to be skincare): I want that wash bag (designed by Michelle Smith of fashion brand Milly). Available in Selfridges (London, Manchester and Birmingham) 26th September – 6th October 2009, Brown Thomas 24th September –10th October 2009. For full info of included items see after the jump!

Review: Clinique Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Smoothie in Goodness Grapecious

Boots currently has a Clinique Bonus Time offer on (more on that at the end of the post) so I decided to pick up one of these Vitamin C Lip Smoothies (£13.50) in a completely uncharacteristic plum shade, Goodness Grapecious (har-har): They Say: We’ve squeezed in the best ingredients, like Vitamin C, and powered-up antioxidants so lips look feel their healthy best. Your recommended daily dose of lusciousness. Brushes on luscious colour and shine in […]

Review: Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder


I have always had sensitive skin which goes red after cleansing and any type of treatments. The woman who threaded my eyebrows once totally freaked out over how red the skin around my brows went – it looked like clown make up. As well as general sensitivity, my face gets red throughout the day, and stays red. I’ve never thought of it as a huge problem but it is annoying and it tends to come […]

Review: Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

If you live in England, you will know what Boots points are. Boots is the biggest beauty/skincare drugstore type shop in the UK. Boots is as part of your life as going to the supermarket it. When you need shampoo, cotton wool, hair dye, you pop to boots. Boots Advantage card is one of the few loyalty schemes that ACTUALLY WORK. They offer bonus deals all the time – it works out roughly as 4 […]

The day I bought stuff from brands I don’t normally buy stuff from and spent too much

Now if that ain’t a title, I dunno what is. I had a whip around after work (actually about an hour ago) to look at what was new and hot on the make up counters (not much) – big mistake. Ended up with bits of make up goodies galore – funny how you can end up with make up when you are sure you don’t want/need anything else. The sign of a true make up […]

Clinique Make Up Brush Cleaner


I have a few different ways of cleaning my make up brushes. I have a Paula Dorf brush shampoo with is lathery, but hard to wash out. Its good for a deep clean but impractical for the amount of brushes I have – it takes too long. I use Isopropyl Alcohol a lot but this can be drying is used all the time. Its quick though, sanitary and dries fast. Everytime I do a brush […]

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