My Current Dry Skincare Kit

It happened overnight. One day my skin was shiny like a…shiny thing, the next it was dry. And it got drier. And drier. Until it itched a lot and became red. Until people started asking me if I have eczema (I have a bit but not on my face). Oily skin I can live with. Dry skin I can’t. So the last few weeks I have had to change my skincare to hydrating products and […]

Homemade Tutorials: Make an exfoliating cleaning bar, inspired by Lush Sweet Japanese Girl

There was some Twitter Talk the other week about a cleansing bar called Sweet Japanese Girl by Lush and how great it is for blackheads. I needed to try it! Perfume Headaches I’ll be honest and say whilst I love the look and principles of the Lush brand, I can’t walk into the shop without getting a migraine from the pungent fragrances. Anyway, word of mouth recommendation is strong, so I decided to get one […]

Review: Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash

I love buying cleansers, I do, but its hard to find something thats effective but also gentle. I find a lot of cleansers really strip the skin and as a result, I get oily quicker as my skin over compensates. As a quick cheapy purchase I got this Biore Marshmallow Whip Face Wash for about £7 – yep, I like Marshmallows!

Review: Comfort & Joy Skincare & Make Up


I have been trying out so many types of skincare lately that its punishing me by giving horrid, red lumps. Anti Aging skincare, I have found, maybe effective on fine lines but can be ever so slightly harsh, especially for sensitive ladies like myself. Then I found Comfort & Joy, and independent natural beauty company in the UK. I like the slightly fairy like purple look of the website and brand so got my hands […]

Skinfood Beer Hop Foaming and Cream Cleansers


Because I love anything thats a novelty, I had a play with Skinfood’s Hop Beer Foaming Cleanser and Cream Cleanser. I don’t even drink beer! My skin is completely random, dry, oily, spotty, smooth, ruddy, flaky – everything. This particular cleanser is for Normal to Dry skin. It contains vitamins, minerals, yeast, and it detoxifies, soothes and is mild enough for sensitive skin. The foaming cleanser is on the left, and is the usual, quite […]

No. 2 – Skinfood Celery Soft Foaming Cleanser


Who would have thought that it would be so hard finding a decent cleanser? Although a lot of cleansers will do, I haven’t found many spectacular ones. I was obsessed with Cleansing Oils for a while, but nearly all of them made me feel quite dry – others gave me little bumps under the skin. My favourite of the cleansing oils is RMK’s but it still wasn’t ideal. I also quite recently dabbled with Dr […]

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