RMK Foamed Soap Moisture Cleansing & Skintuner Brightening Light Review!


New for Spring 2012, RMK released two new cleansing products, Cream Soap and Foamed Soap.  The Cream Soap comes in a tube and is good for smoothing the skin and the Foamed Soap in a pump dispenser leaves you with dewy skin.  The idea is that you choose based on how you want your skin to feel.  I am reviewing the Foamed Soap and their Skintuner Brightening: The foamed soap is supposed to give you […]

Dry hands? Try Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer By Surya

I went through this phase, when everyone was all about the gnarly germs we spread, of being addicted to hand sanitizer. The sprays, the gels, I couldn’t stop spraying it. On my hands, on my feet, on other people, on door handles. However – those things sting! And they are drying. The little mites I look after have eczema and they did not take kindly to me spritzing them with a sanitizer that contains a […]

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