Come here, gorgeous! Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick in T1 Halloween Review and Swatches


If you follow my Twitter you will know I agonised over a parcel sent from Hong Kong containing my beautiful Cle De Peau Lipstick which had gone missing. I was worried because I’ve had quite a few things go missing recently, especially post from abroad without any tracking information. It’s seriously frustrating because all you can do is claim for the money back from the sender – it doesn’t deal with the fundamental issue of […]

Hot/Cold: Cle De Peau BEAUTE Satin Eyeshadow 102 Obsidian

I once said that if there was one make up brand that is heaven squished into a compact, it would be Cle De Peau (Shiseido’s super high end luxurious brand) I wasn’t lying. It’s expensive though. Painfully so. (Level: teeth extraction with no anaesthetic). Nevetheless I shelled out £30 on a solo (yes a solo!) eyeshadow in 102 Obsidian a smokey grey-blue. Purple Amethyst was my second choice: So I get the eyeshadow and open […]

Daily Beauty: Cle De Peau Contour Defining Powder

Cle De Peau is like Wentworth Miller. If he is in the room, no one else matters. If Cle De Peau is in my make up bag, other brands can suck on it…(Oh, I’m speaking in hyperbole. Don’t be mad at me little Nars. Mwah, Mwah.) Their stuff is stomach churningly expensive, but so gorgeous, so worth it most of the time. I have wanted their contour defining powder for ever but did not want […]

Quick Look: Cle De Peau Haulage!


Oooh my exciting parcel arrived! Three Cle De Peau Extra Silky Lipstick and blush: The blush didn’t swatch very well but it is lush on – blends dreamily, looks like a bronzer but also works as a blush as the colour is dewy, soft. This is 120, 121 and 122: The nicest lipstick in the WORLD, with a price tag to match. Will do proper swatches later but these seem pretty sheer to me. My […]

Lemming: Cle De Peau Intensifying Cream Eyeliner


If this eyeliner was a man, it would be Wentworth Miller, but straight. If this eyeliner were a meal, it would be a thick slice of kobe beef, cooked to perfection with a dollop of rice on the side. It this was a handbag, it would be a Chanel 2.55 Reissue in metallic grey. If this eyeliner was…ok I’ll stop now. Cle De Peau is so expensive it make me want to punch a hole […]

Cle De Peau Lipstick


I have already tried out some of Cle De Peau’s extra silky lipsticks – absolutely gorgeous, orgasmic lip colours but oh so expensive to go with it. I decided to try out one of the Lipstick N – this one resembles a traditional lipstick. I got shade 24. Like all Cle De Peau products it is expensive, around $50 USD. For a lipstick! I know! But I’d rather spend it on a lipstick than a […]

Cle De Peau Extra Silky Lipstick


I have been lusting over lots of high end products lately and Cle De Peau’s Extra Silky Lipsticks caught my eye. These babies are $50 each! Extortionate. The come in sexy long blue tubes: You get a jewel on the top: We have 102 and 114: 102 is called cognac brown – I was a bit scared of this being too brown but its not. The other is from the newest collection and is a […]

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