Testing the Clarisonic Plus: Skin Diary Week 2-3


Ok so I have been using the Clarisonic every day for around 2 weeks now. It’s not too annoying to incorporate into my routine, since it’s like a 1 – 2 minutes anyway. I have been using it with Rosette Cleansing Paste which is ok, will review it shortly. Here was Week 1. Sorry I have some eyeliner residue on but I have no other make up on at all on my skin. I suffer […]

Testing and Reviewing the Clarisonic Plus: Skin Diary Week 1


2011 is the year I take care of my skin, as so far I have been far to focused on other things to remember to remove make up and slap on serums every night. My skin is certainly looking worse for wear, with dry patches and the first signs of CROWS FEET – HELLO!?!?! So this year, I am going to take that little bit of time to cleanse properly, to moisturise, to use eye […]

Not a Review, more of a lament: My Clarisonic Face Brush Stopped Working *updated*


Update: 12/06/10 Was on the phone about 3 times to Clarisonic. Was supposed to be called back but had to chase them up and eventually Clarisonic said they’d send me a new UK charger to try. The charger came from the US, it only took about 4 days. Tried it out…and yes, it works! So it was the charger that broke, d’oh. Kudos to the Clarisonic customer service who sent out a new charger quickly […]

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