JK Rowling’s Handwritten Book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard

This is OT, but besides Make Up, I have another love; Books! Although I never got further than the first Harry Potter book, I am well aware that the series has been a revolution for children’s fantasy books! There has always been the classics, like Narnia and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy. However – Harry Potter is the god of them in terms of success and spread. Anyway, a few months ago, JK Rowling […]

Ideas for Christmas?

Ok girls, its one week or so before Christmas and I am out of ideas of what I want! I have all the games (computer) I want, and practically all the Make Up….say it isn’t so! Ok so I have enough Make Up for this lifetime and the next but I am stumped as the boy always needs a little guidence when it comes to presents, because I “already have everything”.. Anyone have any ideas? […]

Maquillage & Majolica Majorca Palettes Review!

It feels like a life time ago since Majolica Majorca released the Frozen Princess range. I love the Majolica Majorca website. Each time they use a cardboard 2D style picturebook, in a stop motion animation style. The amount of work that goes into it, the music, the design in incredible. Anyway – the actual products I bought were the two eyeshadow sets: One is a white/silver palette that is very light, the other is a […]

Shu Uemura Gold Mode Collection

I normally go nuts for anything Shu but I am not loving this years Christmas collection: The model looks good (why does Shu ALWAYS use western models?) but the actual product range is so-so. The packaging is heavy grooved gold – think of Estee Lauder, and there are two eyeshadow/blush duo’s: The other set has more neutral/browns and this one is more exciting with the blue, purple and green. However the format of this is […]

Lovely Blogs

I was completely inspired by Karen at the gorgeous Make Up & Beauty Blog. Karen did her 43 Make Up Items she was thankful for, followed by the 43 non make up related things she was grateful for. I wish we had something similar in the UK! (But maybe something other than Turkey. I big fat duck or something.) This time of year can easily get you down since it gets dark quickly, gets cold […]

Maquillage Lip Palettes & MJ Snow Queen @ Adambeauty

Adambeauty.com has updated his shop with a few notable Christmas goodies! The Majolica Majorca Snow Queen Range There are three polishes – now, I don’t really do polish but these colours are gorgeous! There is a deep black with shimmer, a shimmery pink and a shimmer white. There is the Snow Karat powder in an interestingly shaped tub, which is a highlighting powder. There is the lash frozen mascara, like a glittery top coat and […]

Pupa Christmas Cards-cum-Eyeshadow Palettes

How cute are these!!! From Pupa, these little cardboard cards have a Christmas design on the front, a mirror inside and three co-ordinated eyeshadow shades inside. I have tested them and they are very soft and are lovely quality! So you see, you have a perfectly useable little compact and you can inscribe your own message on the back and it comes with an envelope. There were seven colour choices to choose from (very wearable) […]

RMK Christmas Palette 2007

RMK have released this lovely palette for 2007 Christmas. I’ve found palettes of previous years to be lacking in quality, or of having bizarre choices in terms of colours, but this set is gorgeous. Note, the stripping of my purchase (I SO didn’t want to remove the gift wrap….but I’ll do it for you.) You get – No Colour Powder Ingenious Cheeks (pink) Limited edition (gorgeous, the middle section is a sparkly shade) Longlash Mascara […]

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