Christmas Gift Idea: Ed Hardy Women’s perfume by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy?! Ed Hardy?! I know, I’m not the first person you think of when you hear the words Ed Hardy but I wanted to share with you this gift which is for my 15 year old cousin. Teens LOVE Ed Hardy, it seems. There are two variations to this scent, in the pink tube and the black tube. I do think the packaging is pretty funky. The scent, to my largely unrefined nose smells […]

Estee Lauder Ultimate Red Collection Christmas 2009

Do you know what we need for Christmas? A bit of old school glamour, and Estee Lauder’s Ultimate Red collection is kinda what I was looking for: The key is, I suppose, getting these products and making them look wearable for the day and looking youthful too. There are two variations, Gold Opulence (what I have) and Lavish Plum: At first glance, its not not so ‘gold- there’s one gold but the warm reddish brown […]

Stocking Filler Gift Idea: Whole Rose Bud Tea!

Great Gift For: Mum, Friends, Work Colleagues/ Stocking Fillter What You Get: Some really cool tea, its good for you (better than normal tea and coffee) and it looks nice. Notes: I love Whole Rose tea but its very floral. I also recommend Oolong and Jasmine tea. I am a BIG fan of loose leaf teas. Buy it from: Here (£5 for the packet or £8 a the tin)

Gift Guide Weekend & Week!

Hi Ladies! Since we are are less than 2 weeks away from Christmas, this weekend and early next week is going to be a gift guide special (clearly not for the organised ones out there who have already done the Christmas shopping!) It will feature a mixture of gifts I have bought for people as presents, things I have bought for myself (one for them, one for me policy remember) and a few press samples […]

Gift Idea: Velvet Noir Jewellery is rather lovely

The problem with gift hunting is that sometimes one can end up with things for ones-self. This has been happening a little bit too often, and I ended up with some nice bits from Velvet Noir! I love turquoise. Its my favourite stone by far and this necklace (Tauri! It has a name!) also has Black Onyx, White Jade, Carnellian. (£26.99) My taste when it comes to jewellery is really really simple stuff although I […]

Gift Idea: Hello Kitty Purfume and Purse Set

I love Hello Kitty, and I feel the need to enforce this love onto other people, especially small children so this was my gift choice for my cousin, aged 9: Do you know which perfume she really wanted? J’adore Dior! No chance, kiddo! This is far more suitable in terms of price (£12) and just general cuteness. You get a little bottle of scent and a cute purse to go with it. It smelt quite […]

Christmas Gift Idea: Antique Hair Clip from Ebuni!

The problem with online shopping is that its too easy to *browse*. Do you know what happens when I browse? I end up with a ‘one for you, one for me policy.’ Hence I ended up on which sells all kinds of hair accessories, brooches and jewellery bits (affordable – check! takes paypal – check!): I love antiquey looking hair accessories so I choose this. Enough sparkle for the day to not look OTT. […]

Christmas Gift Idea: Barry M Eye Candy Kit

I was intended to give this cute little Barry M Set from Superdrug to my cousin (aged 15 and totally into make up at the moment) but then I realised, as she used the ‘yeah-wotever’ line on me again, she was an ungrateful little brat so decided to try it out myself instead. That is my punishment style. (Its ok baby! I’m going out to get you another one, ok? Don’t me mad with me!) […]

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