10 Beauty Obsessions, 10 Life Obsessions, June 2010


I am mad busy this week, but there’s always time to talk to you girls about my weekly obsessions! Please do share yours if you so wish in the comments My current 10 beauty obsessions 1. Cheek & Lip Tints. I think because it’s summer I’ve decided to collect lots of cheek and lip tints! One thing I don’t like though, is how all the tints I find tend to be red based. 2. Radiance […]

My London Weekend and Haulage!


Hallo ladies! Last week I spent a few days in London for business and pleasure. Everytime I go, time flies by and I never actually get round to any sight seeing. This time for the sake of “adventure” me and Mr Candy took the Bus which was a 4.5 hour journey. Never again. I never used to be travel sick but now I totally am, and I tried to sleep through the shaky, bumpy journey […]

Not Beauty Related: Do you watch Dexter?

Does anyone else out there watch Dexter? Well I am still reeling after watching Season 4′s finale. OMFG. But I have no one to talk to about it, no one to go OMFG to – so if you saw it, you know what happened, if you also need some sleeping tablets and a hug, leave me a comment! What did you think of the finale!? ** Spoilers in the comments, mmmm okay? **

Weekly Chit Chat – 1st November 209

So, this week…. – I used Rusk Eliminate Hair Dye remover (again) to take out some black hair dye which was supposed to be a Semi Permanent. My hair went distinctly orange, so I dyed over it with an Ashy dye from (this one): and its now, for the first time in months, just fine. – I caught some of the Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato collection at a local counter and its just gorgeous. – […]

Weekly Round Up – November 01st

By popular request, here is a round up of this weeks best posts! Did you miss anything? Monday I tried out the fantastic Pineapple Peeling Gel and there was our weekly giveaway – have you entered? Tuesday I reviewed a beautiful sparkly lip gloss from Trish McEvoy and asked if anyone made a cat nail polish. Wednesday I bought yet another foundation in the form of a creme compact and I tested out a ‘perfect’ […]

Cat Disaster!

It’s Monday. How ya doin?! Me? Not so great. One of the many disasters I had this week is that my boy cat, who is desperate to be an extra in the next Jackie Chan movie decided that jumping from the floor to the top of a wardrobe is a good idea and came flying into my arm (it really hurt). What did I have in my hand at the time? An inferior cup of […]

Come a little closer…..

See my kitty? That is just how I feel…. Check out her little teeth! Anyway – update on blog sale. Thanks for all who commented, its such a long list I am going to print it off and go through it all tonight and send invoices out tomorrow. I will then bubble wrap it all and it them out to you as soon as I can. I also owe a few people emails and things, […]

Giveaway Winner & Other Stuff!

Hey hey!! How are you all doing? I have been ok, although my weekend has been hectic. My first (and only – for a while) blog sale will be up later on today 8pm GMT time (I think its about 3pm in New York – click HERE to see what time the blog sale will start in your neck of the woods). There’s no need to rush though! It will stay up for a week […]

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