Frugal Friday: What make up is worth what to you?


What make up is worth what is a bit of a tongue twister – but what I mean is – do you feel that you will pay more for one kind of make up over another (regardless of brand). For example I have a big crush on Esprique make up at the moment and I knew for sure I wanted another eyeshadow palette at around £25. I wanted another item (I can’t buy things in […]

Comment Update…


Thanks so much for all your feedback on the blog redesign. We are taking comments in heed and fixing what we can as we go along. As I said in the last update post, I have a few other surprises to spring on you in the upcoming weeks so it is a very busy time! I am also finally going to get round to answering comments very shortly! I haven’t had time but I will […]

Meet the Cleansers in my Bathroom!


This year I’ve decided to actually make an effort to really take care of my skin – it’s been so dry lately, but that doesn’t stop me from getting lots of blackheads and blocked pores. I am also concerned with fine lines and wrinkles but I’m not someone who has tons of time to do much to my skin. I also have so many products that I have to fight through them all to decide […]

Beauty Ramble: What beauty hauls make you truly excited?


So I haul make up quite regularly *cough cough* and there’s no doubt that some things induce far more excitement than others. I was thinking; most make up I buy without thinking, out of habit (ie. I collect Nars multiples so I’ll even buy ones that don’t suit me!) and quite often just because I want to review it, or swatch it, or just because it’s a new release. (When I buy MAC for example, […]

Back from Holidays! Testing the Dukan Diet & Holiday Make Up Hauls!


I am back from my holidays ladies! You didn’t notice? Hmph! Anyway I am tanned but this was not a good experience – full update later but I got heatstroke and my skin is peeling and flaking off, and that crazy itching is unbearable! It is over for me and sunbathing – forever! I have also picked up a stomach bug, who I have called Terence, and am waiting for him to disappear! How do […]

Cringing at the Counter: When The Boss Goes Bad


So I was shopping at Muji yesterday, one of my favourite places to buy things and was really peeved when I realised all the staff had changed over and the new guys were the archetypal nightmare shop assistants; ignorant, unhelpful, disinterested. That got my thinking all about my experiences in retail as a customer and when I was younger, as a shop assistant. God knows some nightmare customers exist but one thing I found from […]

It’s just one of those days….


Today I feel like this… So not much chit chat from me today – I have a big family day out to organise, a big birthday, and some disastrous odds and ends to tie up. Lots and lots to say but no time to say it. One quick note – I did a small blog sale last week, thanks to all who shopped. I have since found a few more items to add to the […]

Edward or Jacob? Talking Twilight Luna Palettes, of course….


Not that I was googling Twilight for any *cough* reason *cough* but I noticed that the Twilight Luna range had 2 new palettes! And both look gorgeous! (I haven’t tried these yet so can’t comment on the textures). I present to you the Jacob: This palette offers an array of richly pigmented warm copper, amber, and sage shadows with the perfect velvety texture for smooth application. Paired with a radiating sun-kissed pink gloss, this color […]

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