Sunday Beauty & Charity No. 3: The Body Shop & ECPAT Stop Sex Trafficking of Children


A few weeks ago I attended The Body Shop Blogger event which was lovely – they always know how to throw a well organised event! One of the products highlighted was this Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream – £3.45 of the purchase is donated to ECPAT, a charity who work to stop the trafficking and sexual abuse of children and young people. Human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world and […]

Sunday Beauty & Charity No. 2: Golden Emu Oil & The Great British Legion


I have raved about the benefits of Emu Oil a while ago, as I found it highly hydrating and also soothing. Golden Emu Oil is a great choice on a budget and Dremu is also excellent but more expensive. This Golden Emu and Poppy Seed Bath Oil is special because it’s hydrating, soothing and anti-inflammatory – apparently great for for sore muscles and joints! Every sale of this bath oil a donation is made to […]

Sunday Beauty & Charity No. 1: Elemis Everyday Beauty Essentials Kis & Mothers4Children


Three slightly different posts for you today, with some big (and niche) brands supporting various charities. I know it’s not the same as personally donating, but the idea is that if you are looking to buy some beauty products anyway, you may want to pick something with a charitable edge. Elemis have launched a kit worth £108 for just £46: The kit includes: Body Treat – Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt 100ml – A hydrating […]

What to do when you have Too. Much. Make. Up.


As a beauty blogger and a general complete beauty and gadget lover I accumulate a lot of things. Whilst I personally spend spare money I have on beauty goodies (as you can see from this site), PR are also generous with samples (although the many of these never see the light of day on Cosmetic Candy). So after a fantastic week of shopping and parcels I plonked everything down, along with all the other weeks […]

Charity Haul!: Estee Lauder Elizabeth Hurley Pink Ribbon Lip Design Collection

I was on the Estee Lauder counter a few weeks ago where I picked up this pretty lip set: I bought it because £5 goes to charity (Breast Cancer) and its only £20 which is a good price for a lipstick, gloss, liner and case. There are two variations – Elizabeth (Hurley) and Evelyn (Lauder) sets. The Evelyn set was more pigmented, a bit more grown up and sophistcated and the Elizabeth is a little […]

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