Chanel is evil: Unexpected Haul


You can’t beat a bit of Chanel. I started collecting the brand, tentatively when I was about 19, and it still makes me feel special when I use it. I made a slight haulage at my local Chanel Counter: It’s all about the base baby. I had a sachet of Matt Lumiere foundation and loved how it looked and how long it lasted. When I got on the counter the SA convinced me Pro Lumiere […]

Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere Fragrance!


I wanted it. And now it’s mine! A-ha-ha-a-ha-ha-ha-a-ha-ha-ha-ha *evil cackle* I adore this scent and I am not one for fragrances and I’m not one for Chanel No.5 but this lighter, fresher, sweet smelly is just divine. It’s so fresh but elegant at the same time. Says The seductive, 90-year old scent, developed by Coco herself will undergo a reinvention that retains the best-loved notes of the original – neroli, jasmine, ylang ylang, amber […]

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque


UPDATED – Lip Swatches added! So I mentioned the other day that in a pool of misery I made a trip to Chanel. Here are the shades of the Rouge Allure Laque Lip Glosses which are supposed to last like lipticks: I got ming and mandarin. These are lovely but sooooooo expensive ; £22.50!!! I’m not so keen on the black packaging as it gets finger marks on it easily and also, you can’t see […]

Debacles! and Chanel Allure Laque Lip Gloss


What a day I’ve had.  Had a pretty good week but Friday has crushed me in terms of general stressful happenings.  You know when you head hurts, your hands are a little shaky and you have odd bowel movements.  Oh, that’s just me. I needed a treat.  Just something to perk up an otherwise diabolic day. Yeah right, I wish.    No, some Chanel silly!  Went to have a look at lunch time.  They had […]

Chanel White Blanc Kohl Eyeliner


I have been looking like a zombie lately – lots of work to do, alas I can’t complain because it’s all good stuf…no wait. I will complain. I’m tired, and I need more sleep! I decided I was in need of a white eye pencil for keeping my eyes looking bright. I have tried numerous white liners before but I find that most pencils struggle with my waterline (I have very wet, weepy eyes). I […]

Chanel Brun Lame Dry Eyeliner Duo Xmas 08


I had no idea this was coming out but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it: There is a black version of this (pic here). This one is a choc brown, matte and sparkly. The idea is that you get 2 brushes a stumpy one for soft effects and a brush for a liner effect. You can use it wet or dry. Dry it is 100% not recommended cos […]

YSL Quint disappointment


So off I went on my lunch, accosting the YSL counter full of excitement.  Remember I was looking the for YSL Quints – the green, lilac and blue all looked amazing. Swipe.  Swipe.  Swipe. Ok they were ok.  The green is the softest and nicest in my opinion but the colours were oh-so-flat.  Some of the high end brands seem to do this; YSL, Chanel, Dior, have somewhat medium pigmented shades so the finished look […]

Chanel Gold 2008 Collection


I love Gold. I love Gold. Unless its a Gold tooth. Or a Gold Digger. Or Gold Jewellery. Then I’m more of a platinum girl myself. Otherwise, I love Gold! Chanel’s little gold collection features 2 new nail polishes, eyeliner, some new lipsticks and 3 new lipglosses and a highlighter. I already have buyers regret with these goods. I think it’s because whilst the products look glam and nice there wasn’t an instant rush to […]

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