5 Foundations I wish I never bought

I am going to a audit of my make and the massiveness of my collection (I have around 6000+ of pieces of make up) has made me decide to throw the rubbish away and sell the good stuff. I want to get down to 2 filing cabinets as opposed to six. Anyway – I have so many foundations! No one should have so many! If its not a shade problem its a texture issue. Slightly […]

Review: Chanel Enthusiast Red Rouge Allure Lipstick – London Madness

I was looking out for a true, gorgeous red which was wearable enough for the day. The ultimate lipstick….Chanel Rouge Allure can’t be too far off. So I had a photo of a red I liked that a model was wearing in a magazine. I approach the Chanel counter. “Hi, I’m looking for a red like this.” “It’s not one of our reds…is it?” “No, I don’t think so but I am just looking for […]

Review: Chanel Blanc Essentiel Light Reflecting Whitening Powder Foundation SPF 25


I have a rather large collection of Powder Foundations and I don’t know why – my skin is normally to dry to carry these off effectively, instead making my look flat and cakey. There is my Albion Exage Extra Moisture Chiffon Foundation, (which is my HG powder foundation – this is the only one I have ever used that I think is even close to a true stand in for liquid foundation & powder). But […]

5 Bronzing Powders for people who don’t like Bronzers…


My mission – to find natural(ish), skin enhancing, warmth inducing bronzers that are more tanned brown goddess than orange day glo. There are so many nasty tans out there. I am a tan-o-phobic. The smell of fake tan – that malty, mouldy, cardboardy smell is like the smell of a fart for me. There are good and bad of expensive and drugstore brands but what I personally hate in bronzers is anything: 1. Too orange. […]

Quick Review: Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation – Je n’aime pas!


It happened to me, its probably happened to you. You went to the shop for X item and end up coming out with Y item. You loved it, or you hated it. In my case, its generally a hate thing, but in the UK we don’t get to just return make up even if its rubbish. But how I wish we could because I have about 15 foundations, and I don’t know when I will […]

5 red lip glosses that you should try


First we did plum, now on to red! Gloss is a great way to wear red, especially if you like it sheer and just want a wash of colour. Some of the glosses here are very pigmented, if you want them to – if you wear it strong, make sure you use some waxy lip liner to keep it on the lips! Chanel Rouge Allue Laque Gloss in Mandarin: Love this gloss formula so much, […]

Chanel White Essentiel Light Reflecting Fluid Foundation


Chanel’s White Essentiel range is a Asia exclusive – I’m not into whitening products – I don’t do ghostly but I do like brightening. This foundation has liquorice and vitamin c and corrects dark spots. It gives a pure, translucent finish and contains a SPF 20. I found this on eBay and bought shade 30 Cendre. Now I was playing pot luck there – I bought Pro Lumiere not so long ago and was matched […]

CHANEL White Essential Light Reflecting Whitening Compact Foundation


I want it. I want it. I want it. I believe this compact is sold in the Asia markets, but I’m having trouble locating it (I have real useful cousins – not). If anyone is in that neck of the woods and can get hold of this palette for me, drop me an email – rowena @ cosmetic-candy.com. I can pay via Paypal or Goats, if you prefer. You shall be blessed with extremely beautiful […]

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