Pants on Fire? Kylie uses cold cream and Kim Kardashian has never had surgery


A while ago I asked if you felt that celebrities that endorsed beauty products should truly use the line they are promoting (rather than sneaking off for gold leaf facials or whatever it is they do). Then more celebrity revelations. Kylie states that she has given up Botox and uses Pond’s Cold Cream instead (around £3.99) to keep herself looking youthful. My nan uses Cold Cream. I quite like Cold Cream. It isn’t my staple […]

Randomness No. 5: Beauty Yay or Nay: Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Glittery Make Up


Sophie Ellis Bextor is certainly a very unique looking woman, although her jawline reminds me of Quagmire. She tends to wear quite bright, funky eye make up too – but what do you girls think of her latest look? I adore glitter, and she has a great cat eye shape for a lot of make up looks but personally, I think they gold all under the brow is overkill. What say you?

Yay or Nay? Jessica Simpson Nude on the cover of Marie Claire


There have been a few of these types of covers in the past, but here comes another one – this time its Jessica Simpson on the cover of Marie Claire WITHOUT make up. Apparently. I have nothing against Jessica Simpson, other than the fact that one morning, a long time ago, one of her songs woke me up (I use a radio alarm clock) and I thought I had died of asphyxiation during the night […]

*Updated* Hair like Cheryl Cole


Woot! Getting my hair cut today (hopefully). I know a lot of people don’t like old Chezza, but I love her shorter hair style! This is what I’m taking to the hairdressers: Poor Cheryl. I actually respect the fact that she fought for her marriage the first time around, where a lot of women would have walked away, especially as she has money and a career or her own…but this time, Ashley you dirtie birtie, […]

Suri Cruise wears Beaute Masochist Weightless Lip Creme


Well ok, I lied. I have no idea what she is wearing. But when I saw this picture of little Sci, the first thing I thought was: BEAUTE MASOCHIST LIP CREME! You know, that gloriously beautiful, vampy glossy red that is drop dead to look at but can look hoochie if you ain’t careful? My second thought is how much she looks like Tom Cruise (to me anyway). Anyway….if I were there I’d get a […]

Beauty Yay or Nay?: Liz Jones Semi Permanent Brows and Lash Extensions


So Liz Jones is in the Daily Mail today reporting on two procedures she had (two minor, non evasive procedures unless…you don’t like needles). Semi Permanent Brows and Lash Extensions. If you don’t know Liz, she is a British Journalist and Writer. She has ruffled a lot of feathers with quite a few of her views and articles, but I can’t hate her cos she’s a cat momma like me. Anyway – what do you […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Heidi Montag’s Cosmetic Surgery


Ladies, today I’m feeling saucy and will be doing a number of Celebrity Yay or Nay posts thoughout the day…what do you mean is it a slow news day?! (I still haven’t been through my box of make up ‘To Photograph’ ok? Its so time consuming!) Celebrity No. 1: Heidi Montag from The Hills Ok this one is well documented. Heidi apparently had 10 procedures in November 2009 (and has obviously healed enough to reveal […]

Halp! Which Jessica Alba Hair Style for me?


Ok, last time I asked for your hair opinions the cut DIDN’T happen. Grrr. So I’ve been living with terrible hair for a while now but with a scheduled hair do at the end of January. I want something new! I’m torn between these two looks (both on the Alba!). Fringe, Blonde Highlighted, Long: Or – Cute bob, dark chocolate, fringeless: I am in limbo at the moment where my hair could sort of adapt […]

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