Celebrity Collaborations; Paloma Faith for Shu Uemura Collection, Yay or Nay?


I had a brief look on the Shu Uemura counter yesterday and got cornered by a SA – a very sweet SA and ended up making some purchases. I also saw the Paloma Faith collection which is an exclusive to Selfridges! I love Paloma Faith! The collection is made up of a Rouge Unlimited Lipstick (£19.50), black gel eyeliner (£19.50) and limited edition lashes (£55) and palette (£57) for a collection with a classic 50’s […]

The lip gloss that Angelina wore at the Golden Globes? Chantecaille Love…or Charm?!


Her highness, Angelina Jolie was seen applying lipstick like one of us normal plebs at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago and everyone wanted to know (well, I did) what lipgloss she uses on those juicy lips of hers! Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Brangeloonie, I do find her kind-of captivating though. My source 1, who shall not be named, told me it was Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss in CHARM, a nude […]

Edward or Jacob? Talking Twilight Luna Palettes, of course….


Not that I was googling Twilight for any *cough* reason *cough* but I noticed that the Twilight Luna range had 2 new palettes! And both look gorgeous! (I haven’t tried these yet so can’t comment on the textures). I present to you the Jacob: This palette offers an array of richly pigmented warm copper, amber, and sage shadows with the perfect velvety texture for smooth application. Paired with a radiating sun-kissed pink gloss, this color […]

Yay or Nay? Megan Fox replaces Lara Stone as the face of Armani Cosmetics


So, Megan Fox will be replacing David Walliams’s missus, Lara Stone as the face of Armani Cosmetics and replacing Victoria Beckham as she fronts their underwear campaign. Megan is set to star in Armani adverts starting in October. I personally think that Megan Fox will sell make up by the bucket loads because she has one of those faces, like Kim Kardashian that wears glamourous make up well. The only thing for me, is that […]

Beauty Mishap? Catherine Zeta Jones leaves powder on, erm, nose


Just a few days ago I was defending our dear Catherine Zeta Jones against the nasty Daily Mail who were calling her old, haggard and using a clearly photoshopped image (other photo editing software is available). And then, this: Ok, ok let’s calm down. She was in the Darling Buds of May!!! Therefore, I refuse to believe this white powdery substance around her nose is anything other than Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (other brands are […]

Daily Fail: Catherine Zeta Jones and a bad Photoshop Job


The Daily Mail generally speaking, doesn’t like women very much and they love to pick on certain celebrities. They are forever bitching about (and giving backhanded comments to) Victoria Beckham, Christine Bleakley, Cheryl Cole (Tweedy?) and Catherine Zeta Jones et al. Today’s Daily Mail bitchy reporting says that something is “up” with Catherine’s face: Oh Catherine, whatever is going on with your face? That photograph taken on Monday as you arrived at the Film Society’s […]

No no no Eva Longoria! The Racoon Look aka Too much highlighter!


First Nicole Kidman with her weird powder incident, then Eva Longoria… I know we want to create light around the eye area but COME ON! Concealer too light, powder too light. The centre of her face is bout 5 shades lighter than her neck. Make up artist to blame? Or do you think it looks good?

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