What did you miss? & Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving too, to all my lovely US readers! Without you I wouldn’t know who Tina Fey was, or salivate over Bacon flavoured Mayonnaise or use words like ‘rad’ and ‘awweeesume’, or be introduced to new pronounciations like ‘al-lum-me-num’ instead of ‘al-u-min-e-yum’… Anyway, pppsstttttt…did you know this last week there’s been 6 or more posts […]

Catch up, sleepy head!

Hallo…. Been so busy that I haven’t had much time to respond to comments (but please keep commenting, I love reading them) or to blog because I have some massive projects to finish. *Not my cat and not my bum But I have much to tell you about!…

Bank Holiday Weekend


How you been? I had a false bout of swine flu – but it actually wasn’t swine flu, just indigestion. How can they be confused? Well they just can! It’s been a busy-ish half productive, half unproductive week. What I have learned is that if you want something done, you have to take action. After […]

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