Cargo Lash Activator Triple Action Mascara Review


Now that I’ve started to see some good lash growth using Mylash and and Trish McEvoy’s lash enhancing liquid liner, I have also been using this Cargo Lash Activator Triple Action Mascara too = A triple threat, like Andrew Stone (if you don’t know who he is…well, it’s better this way). Back to the mascara! They say: Visible results on first application and long-term results: Lashes looked longer, thicker and more curled after 28 days*. […]

Got green fingers? Cargo Plant Love Range Lands in the UK!

I got a promo email telling me that the lovely Cargo Plant Love range was launching at Puresha, a UK based site that sells lots of lovely organic skincare and make up brands. If there is one range from Cargo I do like the look of its the Plant Love! I have only ever seen the lipsticks in person but not the glosses and eyeshadows. I did get my mitts on blusher, in Tulip: But […]

Review: Cargo Eye Shimmer Kit – 6 Mini Pigment Set

More Cargo today! Pigments stain fabrics. Fact. I don’t own any sheets that haven’t been sprinkled with the stuff. Pigment….glitter…..everywhere…… I picked up this set in the sale at my local Supermarket for about £7. I love mini sized everything, so this was ideal: I bought the cream shadow version of this once from QVC but I didn’t like it so I sent it back. The beauty of being able to return cosmetics. Want to […]

Review: Cargo OneBase Concealer & Foundation in One!

A few weeks ago I noticed that there was a sale on the Cargo counter in my local supermarket (yes they sell Cargo!). I haven’t opened the products I bought yet….but we’ll ignore that. Today I am looking at one of the things I bought – the OneBase concealer and foundation in one! I paid about £6.50 for this (half price). There are only 4 shades, I chose shade 3 – the others were too […]

Review: Cargo SmokyEye Kit for…well, Smoky Eyes

In my local Sainsburys (that’s a supermarket by the way, my international pals), I spied a Cargo counter, but never bought anything even though I like the look of the range. Something about buying Sainsbury’s Value Baked Beans for 20p alongside a £20 foundation just didn’t seem to match up for me. Then one day – TA DA! 50% sale. I made a killing – will review what I got bit by bit. One of […]

Cargo Anniversary Set – Update!

So here is a pic of the Cargo 10 Year Anniversary Set – Cargo never really took off in the UK the way is has Stateside and I am really a newbie where their stuff is concerned. However, I hear that Sainsbury’s will be stocking Cargo soon (starting in the Colney, Dulwich and Cromwell Road London Branches) and possibly branching out in the future? Ok so it’s a great starter kit – you get stuff […]

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