Japan Beauty Haul: Canmake, Dollywink, Melliesh


The absolutely amazing Kuri helped me out with a CP (Custom purchase) of some of my latest must haves – I just don’t have time to play with these yet but I wanted to show you what I got! Melliesh Limited Edition compact blusher brush and Shadow Eyeliner set – I reckon this will be a glorious, matte black: I am NUTS for Melliesh at the moment – I have 5 of their blushers and […]

Japanese Make Up Haul: Canmake Color Stick Review, Swatches


The final part of my Canmake Haul are these Color Sticks, multi use lip balm sized sticks of goodness! You know I love a gimmick! These color sticks (have omitted the ‘u’ because they are called COLOR sticks and don’t want to confuse although by pointing this out I have probably confused you more) can be used to perfect, conceal and shade the skin. They are once again inexpensive to buy – and as a […]

Make up for Contouring: Canmake Shading Powder in Danish Brown


Another product from my lovely Canmake Haul is the Canmake Shading Powder in Danish Brown. Shading Powder is basically the same thing as contouring powder! Of course, you don’t need a special powder for it, you can use any matte brown eyeshadow, blusher etc. (in a whole host of tones) to contour. But I like specific products with specific solutions? Why? Because I’m specific! There are two shades to choose from: It was a clear […]

Little Blusher: Canmake Cream Cheek Haul, Review, Swatches!


The moment I saw these it was an instant must have moment! These cute little pots of cream blush from Canmake come in a creamy, lightweight texture in six shades: – The melting gel-type texture, which is silky-soft on your fingers, becomes dry from the instant you apply it to your cheeks! – Contains masses of emollient agents that are highly compatible with your skin – Can be used on top of powder foundations and […]

How to get Nude Lips: Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge Review


Another one of the items I hauled from Japan was the Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge Lip Glosses. There’s five in the set, I chose two: Nude Lips are my natural, spiritual home! Its my favourite kind of lip colour followed by peach, then a soft pink. Probably because I prefer stronger eye make up. The Canmake Nudy Lipgloss is supposed to contain plumping ingredients and moisturizing ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, atelocollagen, royal jelly extract, rosemary extract, […]

Canmake Jewelstar Eyes Shimmery Cream Eyeshadow Review


I have had my eyes on these Canmake Eyeshadows for a while, but they were a little bit overpriced at the store I saw them on. In reality Canmake is an inexpensive brand so a lovely reader helped me purchase this (and all my other Canmake items!) The Jewelstar Eyes gives a wet look shimmery effect – the particles are ‘lame’ and therefore shouldn’t shed. They say: – The soft, gel-like texture dries the second […]

Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes Cream Eyeshadow Review


One of Canmake’s newest releases is the Shimmer Jelly Eyes – this is a milky gel (not quite a cream or a gel or a – er – milk) eyeshadow but somewhere inbetween. An amalgamation. This product is waterproof and sweat proof. Its supposed to set and last all day with no creasing. Visual: I picked three colours out – 02 Sugar Milk Tea (beige) 04 Frozen Melon (green) and 05 Caramel Chocolate (a golden […]

My Canmake Haul from Japan!


Reader Kuri rather sweetly helped my purchase some Canmake goodies from Japan! I will go through the items and review them bit by bit! I have always loved the look of Canmake although the prices were too high on beauty shops – its an extremely affordable drugstore level brand after all. Thanks for all the shiny glittery strands Clare! The items: Ever tried Canmake? Like it? Hate it?

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