Keep your make up brushes clean! Baviphat Magic Girls Brush Cleaner


Have you seen my make up brush collection? And how I stored it (for a while?!).  It’s quite immense.  I don’t usually wash them all at the same time, I do just a couple at a time every 2 weeks or so (especially base brushes).  I see all kinds of cleansers, soap, shampoo, alcohol.I don’t think you have to be that strict about it as long as the brush is clean and the product isn’t […]

Make Up Brushes dirty? Try an Colourfull Arts Brush Cleaner and Preserver!


I hate cleaning my make up brushes. I have a ton of them and I normally wait till they are encrusted with blue sparkly dust before giving them a good clean. I use random things to clean my brushes including: 1. Baby shampoo (good for a deep cleanse, takes ages to dry) 2. Isopropyl Alcohol (kills germs, dries really quickly, good for quick changes but can be drying long term) 3. Branded cleansers like Clinique, […]

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