Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation Review


Regular readers know that I am 20% human and 80% zombie. Why? Lack of sleep, my dears, what do you expect with all the blogging I do? Anyway, its something which I am gradually getting better at… Meanwhile, Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation is something I am trying out to imitate the look of having lots of Zzzz’s: Oh kitty kat, I am so envious of your endless dozing. Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect […]

Mindless buy of the day: Mini Bourjois Color Exciting Eyeliner

Mini Bourjois sure is cute and adorable, but I haven’t really been blown away with the range. Then when shopping for my friend, Musey, I saw these little pencils which are new to the range. Color Exciting Eyeliner! There are 8 shades in the range – they were just dumped on the stand so I picked out two, in purple 06 and gold 07. These are so dinky and cute. I love anything mini sized […]

5 Uber Nude Lip Glosses you should try


Sorry I’ve been slow lately! Have been working on the swatch gallery, fixing bugs and working on some videos. I hope you are enjoying the 5 lip colour recommendation series, cos its been fun for me rummaging through my lip stash! The uber nude lip gloss is the super super pale lip. But because its a gloss its a little more wearable. This kind of lip works well with very colourful eyes or smokey. It […]

Bourjois Vintage Pot Collection


As much as it pains me to say, ASOS actually have something decent in for once. Bourjois Limited Edition Pots: They are £5.75 each so the same as the retail price. If you are a bourjois nut you may like these – I am VERY tempted but I know the shadows won’t get a look in when I have so many, far superior shadows so I may give it a miss. ASOS also have Paul […]

Bourjois Nude Effect Lip Gloss

So I went thought this, ‘I’m not buying expensive make up anymore’ thing, and decided to have a look round my local Superdrug counter. Drawn to Bourjois, I found these lovely lip glosses, Les Nudes and indulged in a few; #33 Brun Poetic#36 Fleur d’oranger poetic#34 Rose Mythic Brun Poetic is a true, cool nude beige, with silver shimmer. Fleur d’oranger is gorgeous, super shimmery brightening orange and Rose Mythic is a cool toned nude […]

Poke in the eye

bourjois volume clubbing mascara

As a mascara a fan, I have a ton of different ones varying in prices, different results, different packaging. Inevitably, because of my short lashes and dodgy mirror, I poke myself sometimes. Today I poked myself testing this newish Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara. Like the texture – it gives thick, clumpy lashes but its a really nono for me, because anything that won’t hold the curl (which is 97% of my 30 plus mascaras) will […]

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