Boots Botanics Facial Sponges, Buffers and Facial Loofah Review


I am really into cleansing at the moment, ever since I bought an excellent facial sponge from eBay (which was subsequently chewed by a cat) I have been on the hunt for a replacement. Boots Botanics, not a range I usually buy from, has a selection of four sponges for cleansing. 1. Facial Buffer Sponge 2. Facial Loofah 3. Deep Cleansing Sponge 4. Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge I can’t remember the exact prices of the […]

My new eye make up remover crush by Boots Botanics

I am super fussy about my eye make up removers, and not by choice. I wear super long wearing eyeliner and mascara which is difficult to get off. What can I say? I have watery eyes. There are 2 eye make up removers I like (and I really have tried them all, high end and low end) – Kose Softymo (which is my HG) and Lancome Bi-Facial (but its too expensive). So I was excited […]

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