Boots Extracts Collection, Body Butters and Scrub


Boots has launched a new Extracts collection, full of body care items, and some lip balms too, all based around the idea of using natural and ethical ingredients. Yep – very similar to The Body Shop. I’m actually surprised its taken them this long. With the Boots Extracts range we take our social and ecological […]

Wednesday Giveaway: Boots Perfect & Protect!

I was about to write Tuesday Giveaway, then I realized it’s already Wednesday! Happy April Fools Day! This weeks giveaway is Boots Protect and Protect Serum. This stuff caused a RIOT when a BBC show called Horizon picked it out as one of the anti ageing serums that had visible results. After the BBC2 science […]

Boots Original Beauty Formula Skincare


Boots is a bit of an institution when it comes to skincare, make up, medicine and body care needs, and most of all they have the advantage card scheme which is very, very generous. I once saved up £140 on my Advantage Card – and blew it all on make up. Oh the shame! If […]

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