Just a note: Linking to Cosmetic Candy


I am always super super grateful to anyone who includes me on their Blogroll (I am updating mine at the moment! Please do bear with me as I have lots of great blogs to add and I am currently spending the next week or so fixing bugs and pages on the site!). I’ve noticed that sometimes, (I think it might be a blogspot problem as it seems to affect blogrools that include an image of […]

Blogger Dilemma: Can I use your photos for free? Pwwweezzzee?


**Updated (please see end of the post)** A few days ago, a fairly new online store emailed me to ask if they could use some of my images on their website as I was wearing a product that they are currently selling. They were apparently featuring images of their customers and bloggers modelling the range. Sure, I replied, and I’d appreciate a link back to the blog. A reply came saying thanks, blah blah blah […]

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