Blog Sale Buyers, Please Read

Hi Guys…. I have now sent out invoices to people who were first to pick things from the blog sale. Paypal only allows 300 characters with the message box, so I will put the key info (what is in your order) in that box. (Please don’t think I am being rude if I don’t say Hi and Bye!) Other bits of info: 1. Sorry for the delay! 160 items to go through + stressful week, […]

Blog Sale Update….

Ok, I’m a dunce. I was up til 5.30am last night putting things I wanted to sell in the blog sale into a box and there’s quite a lot…so basically its not ready. I will work hard on it tonight and it will be ready tomorrow, for 8pm UK GMT time. I have written the blog sale rules, you can read them today if you prefer to save yourself the time tomorrow (see after the […]


Enough is enough (says Mr Candy) it has to go. By IT he means the make up. I could cull 50% of my collection and it would barely make a dint in the products I have splurged on. What can I say? I *love* make up. So come ye, come ye, and check out my first (and possibly last) Blog Sale: I set a date, otherwise I will never get round to it. Is there […]

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