Blog Sale Update!


Hey Ladies, Thanks for all who made and purchase and paid up! I am just waiting for a few more so thanks for all being very co-operative! There are bits and pieces left, take a look here. I am annoyed at myself by getting excited and making a 20 product haul at Adambeauty upon seeing ‘funds’ in my Paypal account! Argh! First splurge of 2010….if I stop splurging for the rest of the year, then […]

Blog Sale Updated!

The previous blog sale post was too long so I’ve decided to have a concise list of whats left. If you do want to buy something, please comment with the whole line – the number, the product, the price. If you’d like to see a photo, I can dig one out for you. You can also easily find a swatch online I’ve also reduced some prices too RULES: 1. Please make sure you include your […]

Blog Sale Times & Date


Come, come you have to be quick to make it to the blog sale! Decided on post it on Saturday 9th January at 8pm GMT*. I originally planned it for Sunday, BUT, people have to go to work the day after and are going to bed a bit earlier etc. so on Sat I have a chance to wade through the invoices. Also I post on Saturday there’s still time on Sunday for ladies in […]

Announcement: Blog Sale Part 3 Preview List!


Oh no, not another one of these…. I know, I know but I need space. SPACE! One of my resolutions to declutter and as much as I wanted to get rid a lot more of my stash I guess I am still quite sentimental about a lot of it so this is what I am willing to part with for now! And you know what happens. The day you sell your peacock green eyeliner, is […]

Blog Sale!

Just to remind you, my blog sale is a 7.30pm GMT tonight (3rd Dec, Thursday). I have a preview list here, but just to let you know I have reduced some of these prices further on the actual sale. See ya there!

Blog Sale Preview – Prices Added!

Not long to go now girls, til the 2nd blog sale on 3rd Dec (thursday): 7.30pm GMT To check what time that is where you are in the world use this World Time Zone Convertor here. I have updated the list with new products and prices. The average product is £2.50-£3 (US Approx $4-$4.80) Its a good chance to pick up US brands (for UK girls) and UK brands (for International Girls) as well as […]

UPDATED: Blog Sale Preview List with Prices

For your perusal and to avoid the crazy mad rush, here is a preview list from the blog sale which is happening on Thursday 3rd (or should I say 3nd) of December (This Week!) I may add more lip and nail items to the list – perhaps. The list really is just so you can have a look and see if there’s anything you will like and also so you can go and investigate things […]

Blog Sale & Preview List Announcement!

Why, oh why I ask myself – make no mistake, blog sales are stressful! But it went pretty well last time so – I am subjecting myself to another blog sale to make some space and hopefully, I won’t have to do another for quite a while! The blog sale will be on Thursday December the 3nd at 7.30pm GMT. That’s in 3 days! Read on for the details and a few notes from what […]

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