Blog Sale Update – Times!


Ok, so I learnt something new today. When it gets to summer time, the UK runs off BST not GMT. I did not know this. I thought you could just pick which one looked prettier. Blame the Education System under Labour. So to confirm, UK girls, the time I mean is 7pm BST. When you […]

Blog Sale Announcement – Are ya in?!


Thinking of doing another blog sale this week, on Saturday 24th April at 7pm GMT (before Britain’s Got Talent, oh telly addicts). What do you think? Can you make it? Do you want to see some kind of preview list? In the future blog sales will change – after the mad rush I will put […]

Blog Sale Dispatch Notice!


Hi ladies just a note to let you know your parcels have been sent! You can check your name after the jump to make sure I haven’t missed you out if you wish

Blog Sale Update!


Hey Ladies, Thanks for all who made and purchase and paid up! I am just waiting for a few more so thanks for all being very co-operative! There are bits and pieces left, take a look here. I am annoyed at myself by getting excited and making a 20 product haul at Adambeauty upon seeing […]

Blog Sale Updated!

The previous blog sale post was too long so I’ve decided to have a concise list of whats left. If you do want to buy something, please comment with the whole line – the number, the product, the price. If you’d like to see a photo, I can dig one out for you. You can […]

Blog Sale Times & Date


Come, come you have to be quick to make it to the blog sale! Decided on post it on Saturday 9th January at 8pm GMT*. I originally planned it for Sunday, BUT, people have to go to work the day after and are going to bed a bit earlier etc. so on Sat I have […]

Blog Sale!

Just to remind you, my blog sale is a 7.30pm GMT tonight (3rd Dec, Thursday). I have a preview list here, but just to let you know I have reduced some of these prices further on the actual sale. See ya there!

Blog Sale Preview – Prices Added!

Not long to go now girls, til the 2nd blog sale on 3rd Dec (thursday): 7.30pm GMT To check what time that is where you are in the world use this World Time Zone Convertor here. I have updated the list with new products and prices. The average product is £2.50-£3 (US Approx $4-$4.80) Its […]

UPDATED: Blog Sale Preview List with Prices

For your perusal and to avoid the crazy mad rush, here is a preview list from the blog sale which is happening on Thursday 3rd (or should I say 3nd) of December (This Week!) I may add more lip and nail items to the list – perhaps. The list really is just so you can […]

Blog Sale & Preview List Announcement!

Why, oh why I ask myself – make no mistake, blog sales are stressful! But it went pretty well last time so – I am subjecting myself to another blog sale to make some space and hopefully, I won’t have to do another for quite a while! The blog sale will be on Thursday December […]

Blog Sale Buyers, Please Read

Hi Guys…. I have now sent out invoices to people who were first to pick things from the blog sale. Paypal only allows 300 characters with the message box, so I will put the key info (what is in your order) in that box. (Please don’t think I am being rude if I don’t say […]

Blog Sale Update….

Ok, I’m a dunce. I was up til 5.30am last night putting things I wanted to sell in the blog sale into a box and there’s quite a lot…so basically its not ready. I will work hard on it tonight and it will be ready tomorrow, for 8pm UK GMT time. I have written the […]


Enough is enough (says Mr Candy) it has to go. By IT he means the make up. I could cull 50% of my collection and it would barely make a dint in the products I have splurged on. What can I say? I *love* make up. So come ye, come ye, and check out my […]

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