Blog Sale Reminder!


Hi Guys I am so glad we made it to Friday! Just a little reminder that the Blog Sale is going live tomorrow (Saturday 28th January) at 6pm UK (GMT) time. Many bargains to be had! Write it on a post it note: Have a nice weekend! x

End of Year Blog Sale 2010…

End of year blog sale – please click here – on it’s own page and everything! Happy shopping! A permanent link to the blog sale page is situated on the bottom above and I will in the future just update the page rather than do these big sales because they’re quite a lot of work Gracias!

End of Year Blog Sale Preview List 2010


A few people asked me when I would be doing another blog sale and I said…you must be nuts! They’re a lot of work… I am planning to run the blog sale on Tuesday 14th December at 7.30pm GMT. This gives people a chance to look at the preview list and for me to make sure the listing is ok because there are so many items. I also have to spend tomorrow putting up a […]

Buy Stuff: New Mini Blog Sale


This is an extension of Blog Sale 6 (sort of!) which happened over the weekend (take a look there are about 8 items left). Won’t be doing another one for a while now. The usual blurb: Please read T&C’s from a previous sale if you aren’t sure. Shipping – Recorded/Tracked only. Will be calculated for each order individually using Royal Mail chart. 50p on top for packing charges and International (non UK) parcels will be […]

Announcement: A Small Blog Sale Today!


I’m doing a bi-monthly stash clear out, so here is my small, manageable blog sale! Deciding prices, so the items will go up later tonight Friday 20th August 7.30pm . Usual Blog Sale terms & conditions, first come first served, payment within 24 hours or it WILL go to the next person, please don’t moan when I have emailed you 5 times and have to cancel your money request! Item condition will be described in […]

Blog Sale Update, June 2010!


Just to let you know all items that have been paid for were sent out. It takes 1-5 days in the UK and can take up to 30 days internationally depending on where you are located. Thankyou x 1,000,000 for shopping on my blog sale, as always! I’ve realised a few things from this blog sale – like the fact that if you aren’t copying down the prices for a blog sale its not really […]

Blog Sale 5! Updated!


UPDATED July 2010: I have been meaning to sort out blog sale items for a while but I just don’t have time to do it properly!  So what I have done is list the items still available aere (Please click to the next page to see images or email me if I have deleted it to save space). Please note I have also updated Blog Sale 4: 1. Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Green & Purple […]

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