Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit Review: Foaming Lip Cleanser, Sugar Lip Scrub, Instant Lip Plumper, Softening Lip Balm


Kiss Kiss! Regular readers will know that I absolutely love any type of lip care product and am obsessed with buying new lip balms to try!  My first ever lip balm – The Body Shop Satsuma. What’s yours? So I was so excited to try this kit from Bliss, a all-in-one ‘spa’ for the lips! These products CAN be purchased separately but you save money by buying the kit: The Bliss kit comes in a […]

Bye Bye Cellulite? Bliss FatGirlSlim, FatGirlSleep and FatGirlScrub Treatment Introduction Set Review


As far as I know, the Bliss Fatgirlslim range has been around for a while and has real cult status.  You’ve got to admit the name is eye catching! Fatgirlslim…would you buy something with fat girl on the front? Obviously this isn’t just for fat girls (hey I’m not calling you fat, fat is different to everyone!) this is for anyone who wants to deal with issue of cellulite! This kit contains introductory sizes of […]

Bliss Fabulous Face Lotion SPF15 & Every Day Eye Cream Review


What with my skin going crazy lately, it’s been really nice to get back to basics and use some simple, but effective products I know work for me. So far anything too fancy, with too many ‘anti ageing’ ingredients sends my skin loopy so I am focusing on the plainer skincare items! Bliss products are rather lovely but not necessarily that cheap so their new ‘fabulous every day’ range, consisting of a face lotion and […]

How To Clear Blocked Pores & Alienate Readers: Bliss Porefector Gadget Review


I am on a mission to get clear pores – I have recently invested in a lot of nose packs and scrubs which are supposed to get rid of blackheads (reviews coming up – I’ve found some gems). But a gadget that clears pores…unusual! And you know I love gadgets. And getting blackheads out – I LOVE IT. It’s an obsession. On me or people related to me. Don’t do strangers, don’t like touching other […]

Orangey Goodness: Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream Review


I got a surprise goody box a few months ago and one of the items in there was this cream by Bliss Spa, called the Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream. I am a fan of the Oxygenating face mask so I figured I’d probably like this cream. It’s a gel-cream formula that sinks in very quickly and is supposed to hydrate and brighten the skin. It contains Oxygen and Vitamin C and doesn’t include […]

Bliss Instant Mattification Pore Perfecting Gel Powder Review


I was sent this Bliss Instant Mattification Gel to try a while ago and I largely ignored it. Why? Whilst I do get oily skin I am sort of in denial about it because my cheeks are very dry. I am always torn between hydrating the flakes on my cheeks but also dealing with the blackheads I get. Bliss’s Instant Mattification Pore Perfecting Gel dries to a powder like finish and can be used on […]

Blackhead Buster: Bliss Spa Steep Clean 15 minute Facial Mask Review


I’ve been dying to try Bliss Spa’s Steep Clean range for a while – my skin can be dry on the cheeks but lately I have been spotty down the T-zone. This is where Steep Clean Professional Strength Facial Mask comes in! They say: This pore plunging, clog clearing mask will transform skin into a scene of extremely clean when used weekly for 15 minutes. Intensive exfoliation, oil elimination, and deep pore purging are a […]

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