5 Sparkly Nail Polishes: Mavala Black Diamond Varnish


I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades. This week is Glitters! I do love Mavala polishes – I don’t care that they’re small, the texture is really nice and I find it easy to get a nice even finish with this polish. Does black diamond count strictly, as a glitter? I mean it’s not a top coat – as if you could see anything under this punchy black, […]

Love This: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Smooth Line Gel Liner in Black


There are so many companies these days, that make excellent gel liners that its hard to wholeheartedly recommend one. A black liner, I suppose, could come in a few different hues of black, or have a few different textures, and could have different lasting abilities. But overall, I’ve tried tons of gel liners and the cheap liners and expensive liners all work pretty well. I bought another gel liner from the Heavy Rotation range from […]

Kose Cosmagic Hyper Beam Eyes Black Glitter Powder Eyeliner Review


Cosmagic is a tiny little range from Japan’s Kose Brand which has just some mascara, eyeliner and brow pencils. It has me captivated though, cos it looks oh so cool. I completed my collection of Cosmagic with this Hyper Beam Eyes Black Glitter Powder Eyeliner (a mouthful, no?). Hyper Beam. Let me Hyper Beam You. (I’ve discussed products with silly names quite a few times.) Anyway, here is the Hyper Beam! Oh how I love […]

Sale Haul: Laura Mercier Eye Design Kit in Ebony


I largely avoided the sales this year – I think I’m developing some phobia of being in busy shopping centres surrounded by aggressive women and snotty kids – but I did manage to pick up this kit from the Harrods sale for £37.50 (half price): Like Laura Mercier a lot even though I don’t give the brand that much loving all the time. One day I’ll go to the counter and get the entire flawless […]

Easy Peasy Nail Art – Etude House Code B Pen in Black

If you like nail varnish/polish then I have a nice treat for you coming up with lots of lovely Illamasqua swatches. Anyway – when it comes nails I am just a pretender. If I get a mark on newly applied polish they all have to come off cos I can’t stand it. I am no nail art – artiste. I don’t have the patience, but I commend those that do. When I spotted this product […]

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