It’s Finished! Some Products I’ve Done and Dusted! Avene, Dove, Naked, Hadalabo and more!


This last month has all been about keeping clean and fresh – no time for make up or anything overly fancy, so I have got through a ton of bathing products.  Do excuse the dodgy lighting.  Products I have recently finished… Dove Colour Radiance Intensive Conditioner and Conditioner -  I get through conditioner ridiculously quickly.  Even with my shorter hair which is much much easier to handle, it still gets knotty.  I managed to use […]

Lighten those armpits! Bison Wakilala Under Arm Wash and Essence Toner Review


Quite a lot of ladies, if not all, will notice that their armpits, after many years of shaving, look darker than it used to be – some women have very dark pits and this can make wearing sleeveless clothes a little uncomfortable. Whilst I don’t have dark pits I do get ingrown hair and sometimes, they can grow into painful small lumps – not nice. For that reason I bought this Bison Wakilala (what else […]

2 in 1 Lip Plumper! Babypink/ Bison Plumplus Lip Gloss Duo Review


Bison is a Japanese brand with a really random range of products (skincare, face mask, lip balms, lip glosses etc.) that I don’t buy from that often, just because it’s not easily obtainable. I do have a fair few of their lip balms which I like a lot! When I saw these Plumplus lip glosses I had to buy one – I just think the packaging is cute. You get a main colour and a […]

My new favourite lip balm: Bison Murumuru Butter Lip Cream


I must buy 2 new lip balms a week – I am always losing them including my SKII and La Mer lip balms – d’oh! My newest purchase was totally random, this Murumuru Butter Lip Cream by Bison (a Japanese brand) with SPF 11. Now the pot is quite small – about the size of a 50p pence piece but its quite a concentrated lip balm. I LOVE it. Its the kind of texture I […]

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