Lip of the Day: Besame Enchanting Lipstick in Gold Lame

These cute, tiny little pigmented lipstick from Besame are dainty and a really nice gift for Christmas! Its funny how these lipstick are so small – presumably ladies were more delicate and carried smaller purses around. Whereas these days – just try and find this lipstick at the bottom of my 42cm bag…. Anyway, Gold on the lips is perfect for the Christmas season, its more than a nude, its adds a tropical glow to […]

Hauling again: Bésame Enchanting Lipsticks in Red Hot Red, Carmine & Exotic Pink

I didn’t have the best experience with Bésame last week – the lipstick I bought was too frosty and the lip gloss made my lips burn. Nevertheless, it was pay day so along came three more lipsticks (ok I admit it. I ordered them and it was too late to cancel….d’oh!). This time I picked up 3 shades – Red Hot Red, Exotic Pink and Carmine. I tried to pick out colours I thought were […]

Review: Bésame Enchanting Lipstick in Debutante Pink

It’s almost criminal to buy your first lipstick from Bésame and not choose one of their stunning hot reds, but I was in a sensible mood for once. Here is my first every Bésame lipstick in Debutante Pink (which on the swatch looked like the most natural pink…. Let’s get the size thing out of the way – these lipsticks are Retro and Vintage = Teeny. It makes my already large hands look (as my […]

Review: Bésame Enriching Chocolate Classic Glaze Lip Gloss

Bésame is a lovely retro-esque brand created by Gabriela Hernandez – you can read all about the brand here,but if I were were to use three words to describe that brand it would be: Dainty, Golden and Elegant. I got a lipstick and lipgloss in my first order – I am looking at the lip gloss first: It’s hard to choose a make up item when all you have is a dulux paint style swatch, […]

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