New Tweezers Alert, Part 1


A reader alerted me to the fact there were some nifty tweezers in a shop called Octopus in the UK. They sell quite quirky goodies in there, and I found the tweezers for £7.50. I picked these ones: They come with a sucker: These may be cheap but they are very good! I got these because I lost my tweezers and had a damn splinter in my hand which had been there for days. I […]

Where for art thou tweezers?

Tut. In the space of 2 months I have lots three pairs of tweeezers! First ones to go were my HG, Shu Uemura ones. I replaced these with cute green dotty tweezerman ones – should have known better than to buy mini tweezers, these were gone in one week! Replaced with Shavarta tweezers, quite a nice looking pair….gone, as of today. As a result, I did that thing, where to find something you tip out […]

My new make up bag


Every few months I’ll decide I need a new make up bag! Here is my latest: Little Red Riding Hood. Isn’t it cute? It’s from Etsy the seller is SKO. She makes the cutest little pouches ever, although because they are handmade she doesn’t have many on, and once they have gone, it takes a while for more to appear. They are all LE though! It’s a good size, enough for goodies, not too big […]

End of Beauty Tool Week


So it’s the end of beauty tool week! How did you guys do with the guessing? I believe about 3 people got 6/7 items but the ones that seem to stump people the most was the ear cleaner and the fringe clip. Some of the tools are just stupid, like the nose clip. For it to make any difference at all it would have to be worn everyday for an hour or so and it […]

DAY 7: Ear Cleaner


Last day of Beauty Tool Week! And we have: Metal Ear Cleaner. This is a small little tool which can be use to deal with inner ear itchness and to remove ear wax. It is a rounded shape to help prevent any injury and stops you from sticking it in too far. Point 1: smaller rounded tip – Remove big and compacted ear wax easily. Release ear itchiness inside ear canal. Point 2: thin rounded […]

DAY 6: Nose Cleaner

This thing resembling a foot file is actually a deep pore nose cleanswer! It’s made of floppy rubber. You stick your finger in the end and scrub after you have put your cleanser on. It’s a no brainer really. It keeps you skin nice and clean, is good for targeting a greasy nose area. I quite like it although, I don’t actually know where mine is. Kitty thief? Lots of these on eBay for a […]

Day 4: Hair Curler


Day 4 – our tool is a hair roller!: The idea is that your roll is down the centre then push the bottom over and it seals the hair in. So you don’t need any clips to secure it and its better than velcro rollers as they stay in a lot better, although that’s not demonstrated with my cack handed application – (Megan went all ANTM (America’s next top model) on me with this one) […]

Day 3: Fringe Clip

I didn’t forget! Here is the beauty tool for day 3 – a fringe hair clip! You clip this onto your fringe and blow dry, it gives you a nice life and curvy shape, a la dallas. You can also put the clip in and leave it all day. It’s a cheap purchase, about £3 including shipping. I have an extremely annoying fringe at the moment that is not cut the way I wanted it […]

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