Kinda cute and handy: MAD Beauty Cocktail Manicure Set


I don’t know about you but I am always losing things, usually in this order: 1. Tweezers 2. Scissors 3. Nail Clippers 4. Pound Coins 5. Small Children. I seem to have accumulated so many tweezers and nail clippers over the years but you know what – one day when I die and people clear out my belongings there’s going to be a giant stash there behind the TV. Silly cats. I introduce to you […]

How To Clear Blocked Pores & Alienate Readers: Bliss Porefector Gadget Review


I am on a mission to get clear pores – I have recently invested in a lot of nose packs and scrubs which are supposed to get rid of blackheads (reviews coming up – I’ve found some gems). But a gadget that clears pores…unusual! And you know I love gadgets. And getting blackheads out – I LOVE IT. It’s an obsession. On me or people related to me. Don’t do strangers, don’t like touching other […]

Make Applying Fake Lashes Easier?: Eylure Easi-Lash Applicator Review


Unfortunately, applying lashes is something I need to master (when I have time, I do get a sneaky practise in!). My favourite lash applicator tool (I’ve tried so many) is one by Shu Uemura. It’s really excellent for fixing down the corners of a fake lash without poking yourself in the eye. However I keep losing it. At the time of writing, my Shu Uemura Lash Applicator is indeed, lost. So I picked up this […]

Where have you been all my life? Scrublet / Facial Massage Pads


The other day I asked you to Guess what it is…well here it is (most of you guessed it!)… Its a Scrublet/Massage Pad! I bought two of these (it makes it easier to use – rub them both together to foam up and makes the cleansing process quicker). Here is the pad itself. Its shaped with a point for the pesky bits like the corner of the nose and has a handle at the back: […]

Christmas Gift Idea & Review: Shavata Tweezers

I love tweezers – such useful little things but I am always losing them. Always. That’s why I love this little heart shaped Tweezer from Shavata – I just think its very cute, the tweezers are great and its big enough to not lose. This comes in a few colours too! Perfect gift, especially for people like my mother, who insists her 49p tweezers, the ones that don’t even meet in the middle when you […]

Review: Anastasia Brow Scissors


Do you trim your brows? A lady on Shu Uemura showed me a few years ago, now I always do a little trim to keep them need. Most of the time, all you need is a trim, not a tweeze. Sometimes when you tweeze, they don’t come back Anastasia Brow make some of the nicest brow products out there. The only other two brow products I adore are (is?) Shu Uemura’s Hard Pencil (with Japanese […]

Review: Purple Dot Brushes


Because I am utterly rubbish I didn’t have time/semi forgot to share a discount code with you for Valentine’s day for the rather nifty little brush shop, Purple Dot and it expired. *bows head in shame* Purple Dot have a bag and brush range. The brush range is divided into brushes for eyes, for lips and faces. The first thing I noticed is that the prices are very competitive – and eyeliner brush for example […]

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