Book Review: The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki

Beautiful Skin, Japanese Style Whilst in London I visited The Japan Centre, where I always go to stock up on Magazines and food. I saw this book cover and was immediately attracted to it – opened it up and bonus! It was in English (yes, I buy books I don’t understand just for pretty pictures). And bonus! it was only £12.99. Then every night whilst I was there I read this book. And I am […]

Takako Fleur Beauty Book


I am always mooching on, as they have a lot of Asian beauty books. It’s hit and miss – the good ones have lots of visuals (since I can’t read them) and just look great. Some are very text heavy or may be really sparse. Takako is a Japanese make up artist and from what I gather is quite a legend. I have one of her other books, which is more of a guide […]

VOCE & Biteki magazines, November


I love Japanese Beauty magazines. The two that can be bought in the UK from the Japan Centre are Biteki and Voce. I wish they stocked Maquia too. Biteki came with a free gift too! It was either a eyeliner or a mascara – I wanted the mascara so guess what I got? The liner of course! VOCE is not as good as Biteki this month I think. I LOVE this look. It’s so cute […]

Book Review: Eye Candy


You can never have too many make up books, right? Sometimes there isn’t much that is new to discover in Make Up books but it’s always nice to see some nice pics and get some ideas. I got this book, Eye Candy by Linda Mason from Amazon for £6. Its a small book that is softbound  50 random looks for £6? Bargain. The book is split into futher catergories; Flirtatious, Funky, Glam, Hot etc.  Apparently […]

Kevin B – Chinese Make Up Book


I love all make up books, apart from the ones from the 80s with bad spiral perms and bushy brows.  I love looking at Chinese language make up books – the emphasis is on LOOK since I can’t read Chinese. My latest find is Kevin B’s Make up book split into a day/skincare guide and a make up guide. Kevin’s work seem creative and of a high standard. I like make up books to have […]

Sofina UV Lucent

As I get older I worry about the dreaded sun and wrinkles – so Sunscreen protection was something to consider. I own Clinqiue City block SPF 30, which resembles a greyish thick white cream, that leaves you looking like a corpse. I own RMK’s sunscreen,SPF 30, which is nice without a colour cast but is still thick, so it has to go on top, or under cream, foundation, primer etc. etc. So everyone directed me […]

Biteki Magazine DVD

Occasionally, I will buy VOCE or Biteki Magazine; both are Japanese Mags, that specialize in cosmetics. Subscription to the UK is very expensive due to shipping, so insead, every few months I will order the magazines from the Japan Centre in London – although they done run out quickly. I was very pleased in the March issue of Biteki to find the spring colours catalgue and this free DVD: Although all in Japanese and a […]

Beauty Book Review: The Asian Bridal Look Book

I found this book whilst reading some Asian Bridal Magazine (For American readers, Asian as in Indian and Pakistani descent as opposed to Chinese. I know that in the US, Asian tend to refer to Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese etc.) I love the strong bold looks that carry well on the strong Asian bone structure so I sourced this from Amazon. There is a foreword in this book by Ruby Hammer, of Ruby & Millie fame, supporting the […]

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