Hide those Pores! B&C Labs Clear Last Base Make Primer SPF25 Review


B&C Labs Clear Last Range focuses on primers and powders – I’ve tried a few of their products in the past with varied results – but generally it’s good.  Their High Coverage powder is one of my favourites. The Clear Last Base Make Primer ‘Poreless Concealer’ SPF25 – I think this is more for spot application over areas of concern rather than an all over primer. This product has the bonus of SPF25 too! Clear […]

B&C Labs Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste Review


The B&C Labs Tsururi range focuses on blackhead and pore care.  They have some brilliant products like the Charcoal Soap (which I will do a tutorial on at some point) and a blackhead cleanser (which I sell on Cosmetic Candy Shop!). I purchased one of their newest releases, Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste. This product promises to clear the pores, remove dirt and leave you with bright skin.  The paste, scrub, face wash […]

Mascara that holds curl! Sony CP B&C Volume Up Fiber Mascara Review


Despite my disappointment at B&C’s Lash Sculpture mascara I decided to purchase their newest one, which is Volume Up Fiber. And it’s pink! How lovely! I like the Sony CP cosmetic range and to be honest, I like BCL products in general just because they’re a bit different. Here s the mascara: Japanese mascara’s are pretty different to standard Western counterparts. They are always waterproof or water resistant – they’re drier, generally, never as wet […]

Light as air! B&C Labs Candy Floss Facial Top Coat Powder Review


B&C is another Japanese company that I really like – they have so many interesting sub brands and make a lot of innovative beauty products. Clear Last is a range of theirs that makes a lot of base products such as primers and powders. I purchased their Clear Floss Powder because the name reminded me of Candy Floss: This powder is a top coat powder and interestingly doesn’t contain any talc. It works particularly well […]

Bring on the Panda Eye! B & C Makemania Pencil Eyeliner Waterproof Review


I’ve realised that the B&C Labs Makemania range is a nice one – their silicone lip glosses are nice and they have a tempting range of eyeliners (liquid and pencil). I purchased this sexy looking one because it’s the WP (Waterproof) version. I actually bought this months ago in preparation for my holidays: First off, this pencil is indeed a great eye pencil. It’s very smooth, pigmented and works on my waterline. It’s highly opaque […]

B & C Makemania Nudy Lip Concealer SPF 15 Review


I don’t actually conceal my lips a lot (even though they are very pigmented) and I don’t INTENTIONALLY put foundation over them but it turns out that way most mornings as I am in a rush to get ready. (Yet somehow, I have a Kiss me , Beautymaker and SANA lip concealer!) However, I do love an interesting looking product, and I am so into the Gyaru look at the moment, which led me to […]

Sony CP B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone Noble Pink 507 Lip Gloss Review


My lips are so dry lately that I’ve been heavily investing in lip balms and hydrating, plumping lip glosses (keep your eyes out for more reviews of lip plumpers!). Admittedly, I probably don’t need a lip plumper – I’m not interesting in having a massive blow up doll mouth, I just want smooth and healthy looking lips. So minty, chilli infused and generally tingly lip glosses are out. B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone has been […]

B & C Aqua Way Super Off Eye Make-up Remover Review


My favourite eye make up remover ever is Kose Softymo Super Eye Make Off – nothing I have used has even come close in terms of quality and price. Anyway, I’m always up for new suitors so I purchased this B&C Aqua Way Super Off Eye Make-Up Remover (stupid name). I’ve had my eye on this for ages! There are two versions of this, cream and a water. They say: B&C Aqua Way Super Off […]

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