Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Golden Beige SPF42 No. 31: A BB Cream for darker skins?


Ladies, ladies, us NC35-NC40 -ers have been waiting a long time for this one. In my endless search for a BB cream that suits my skin and suits my olive skintone, I have spend many pennies, and even when a formula has been good I’ve had to dismiss the product for being far to pale. Korean BB creams tend to be pale. Very pale to pale, so when I heard about the classic Missha Perfect […]

Like Blemish Balms? Try Skin79 BB Perfect Cover Concealer Palette!


Man, I hate eBay. I can now make a purchase in about 18 seconds flat, and suddenly all this stuff lands on my doormat and I’m like, “Woah. How did this get here?”. Ahem. Skin79 is a Korean brand that primarily makes BB creams (Blemish Balms – basically an all in one product, foundation, sunscreen, concealer, moisturiser – they aren’t just supposed to be cosmetic, they are supposed to improve your skin condition too.) I […]

Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Cream Review Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Cream


I haven’t given up on the search for a BB cream for me (Blemish Balm – where skincare meets foundation meets concealer meets SPF). However, the fact is most of them are very light – too light for my NC30 – 35 skintone. I’ve even had some allergic reactions, such as itching and little bumps on the skin. Now – I have never heard of Nanoce before – it was actually reader and blogger Eve […]

Review: Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream

I am still completely determined to find the right BB cream for me. So far all of the ones I have tried are too pale, or give me a rash or don’t last long on my oily skin. My latest purchase from eBay is this Mushroom BB Cream from Skinfood. I bought it because I had heard this particular range (mushroom) runs a little dark so I got it in shade 02: Mushroom on your […]

Haul: Etude House V-Line Top 10 Tan BB Cream

I am still trying to find the BB cream (blemish balm) that works for me. I have found most of them are too greasy for my skin, or are far too light for my NC35 skintone. I picked up the Etude House Top 10 BB cream for about £8 including shipping from eBay. Because this is a so called “Tan” range, I figured it might match my skintone for once. It also has SPF 27 […]

Thursday Giveaway: Mu Gu BB Blemish Balm Cream!

Sorry guys, I have been so busy and very tired this week, so its taken me this long to get this weeks giveaway sorted! As you can see, at the top of the page, there is now a button you can press to check what the current giveaway is and who last week’s winner was. This week, up for grabs is a brand new BB Blemish Balm by Mu Gu, a rather fab brand from […]

L’egere Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream


Me and BB cream are still getting acquainted. Very briefly, BB cream stands for Blemish Balm – hugely popular in Korea and Taiwan, its a treatment and foundation in a bottle. I have a couple but not one that I like enough to sacrifice my usual liquid foundation for (I am using Chanel’s Pro Lumiere day to day. It’s…..ok. Prefer Matte Lumiere. Seriously, don’t be influenced by the guy at the counter just because he’s […]

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