Home Bargains Beauty Bargains! Or How to get loads of stuff for £5!


After Selfridges, Home Bargains is my favourite shop in the world!  Not as scummy as pound land (or pound world), with proper brands (not just weird knock offs), you can find a bit of everything you want and need under one store, and plenty of things are under £1! A new one opened near me recently and it’s absolutely massive, AND very very spacious and spotless. I’ve never seen a thing out of place in […]

Beauty Bargain Finds; Becca at Fragrance Direct! Fine Pressed Powder, Compact Concealer, Stick Foundation and Luminous Skin Foundation


I was alerted to hoards of amazing Becca make up on Fragrance Direct (a discount beauty site) by Lipglossiping - I am a HUGE Becca fan although I do find the products are obviously quite pricey.  However, I used to buy the odd thing from Zuneta when there were sales going on.  I have wanted to try all their base products together for ages – especially the Luminous Skin Colour (a sheer tinted foundation) which retails […]

Worst Kept Secret: Boots Star Gift Offer is Soap & Glory The Yule Monty Gift Set


I first spotted this offer over a week ago on HotUkDeals (I love that website but am too scared to post any deals I find incase I get bullied in the comments…) and as PREDICTED, as is the same every year – one of the final Boots Star Gift Offers is the gloriously huge Soap & Glory Gift Set.  This year it is The Yule Monty: I buy this EVERY SINGLE YEAR and end up […]

Leighton Meester is a Biotherm’s new Global Brand Ambassador! And Biotherm Chit Chat


Biotherm have announced that Leighton Meester is their new global spokesperson; the 27 year old actress is best known for her role in Gossip Girl (never watched it), but also in Entourage and Law & Order.  I must admit I haven’t seen much of her work but she is very pretty and fresh faced.  This post I guess is a bit of an excuse for me to talk about Biotherm! The brand is huge in […]

Boots Weekly Star Gift Offer Alert! SEVENTEEN Complete Collection and BareMinerals!


It is coming to Christmas I know this because Boots is launching their ‘Better than half price’ offers this week!   From today (Friday 18th October) for one week only, the SEVETEEN Complete Collection is deducted from £35 to £17.  This contains:  12 x SEVENTEEN Eyeshadows (Shades taken from Metallic Toffee Trio, Funfair, Peepshow Eye Palette, Vengeance Trio, Style Queen, Spirit, Regal and Mardi Gras. 23g total) 5 x SEVENTEEN Lip Glosses (Peachy, Pink Ice, […]

Till Pick Up! Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review; Kissy 1102 and Mint Apple 947 Swatches!


So I was in Boots the other day, and there’s this thing called ‘The-Vortex-of-Boots’ which is where you go in for some toothpaste and end up leaving with a massive basket full of crap that you’ve decided is vital ‘Because it’s from Boots’, and spending £100 on nothing discernible – well I was in the vortex.   I cannot pass through Boots without picking up interdental sticks and snacks for Baby H these days, and […]

TK Maxx Finds – Random Bargains Chit Chat


I am absolutely, definitely a bargain hunter – I will seek out a good deal wherever possible, and I am so used to trawling the net for a discount code before I buy anything that I kinda feel cheated if I don’t find one prior to a purchase!  Well…why pay full price if you can get away with it?! I rarely go to TK Maxx because although I like a bargain I don’t like being […]

Little Beauty Temptations at the Till!


Has anyone noticed that more and more fashion stores are sticking little bits and bobs near the til area to tempt us? Top Shop, Forever 21, H&M etc all seem to do it.  I guess it makes sense, a bit like having the gum and chocolates by the till at the supermarket! I rarely shop in H&M – I just don’t find the quality very good, but they do some good little sales and homeware […]

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