I bought it on eBay: Lulu Guinness Make Up Bag!


I don’t really use eBay for auction purchases any more, but I spotted a cute Lulu Guinness Make Up Bag (always wanted one but they cost £55) so thought I’d try to bid for it. I won! It came in the original box! The seller said there was a small watermark on it but it’s barely visible! Yay! And how much did I win it for?….

Randomness No. 3: Handbag LUST! Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Handbag


So I watched The Bounty Hunter last night with Maniston and Gerard Butler. Awful film in every way, but Mani carried a hot hot bag throughout it. I did my research and its this one: Salvatore Ferragamo’s Sofia handbag, about £800 (I think). I love it when worn over the shoulder so much: Guess which half pint has one too?

How heavy is your Handbag?


Just seen a report on the news (must be a quiet day) about how women are ‘downsizing’ their handbags. Downsizing….hand…..bag…..DO. NOT. COMPUTE. I have a bad back and shoulders as it is with my enormous Chi-Chis so I have been trying to downsize. I bought the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag which is much smaller than my normal bag thinking it would force me to downsize. Mistake. The Wang has metal studs on the bottom […]

Beauty Bag Steal from Primark


My make up collection is still in a state of disaray, so at the moment, I have my day to day products in a plastic bag next to my bed. Oh yes. The glamour. So I decided I needed a fairly big train case type vanity bag. I found some on eBay for around £15 and a simple black on from Muji for £14. The thing is I wanted something simple but easy to use, […]

Make Up Bag, the Tardis!


Every now and then I feel the need to change make up bags. I always look for something not too big, not to small, expandable, washable, cute…. So I found this: Its not tooooo big *by make up junkie standards But look what I can get in it! 1. Jill Stuart Powder Foundation 2. Armarni Bronze Ochre Palette 3. Pixi Blush in Peach 4. Nars Lipstick in Senorita 5. RMK Lipstick in 21 6. Lunasol […]

Mmmm I love you….

Bayswater in Emerald. I presume its a LE since the colour is so different – This is my favourite bag and my favourite colour in the world… *sigh* £595 quid….eeek….

Multi Tasking Bag & Film Review – In Bruge

Although I am not a big fan of the LV monogram I did buy this little pouch – why? Its a real multitasker! The Pochette Marelle. I needed a bag for three things. 1) A bum bag type contraption as I am planning to do some car boot sales 2) A smart clutch bag for a dinner party I’ve got to go to in a month or so 3) A make up bag with enough […]

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