Asian Beauty Products No. 3: What are Peeling Gels or Peeling Jelly?


Peeling Packs or Peeling Gels are products that ‘peel’ away, or remove the top layer of dead skin gently, usually using fruit acids to do so. Unlike a face scrub, these gels generally don’t have any ‘grains’ in them, they can be runny or thick textured and the user will see little bits of dirt coming away in ‘balls’ (see pic). Are these ok for sensitive skin? Well you are supposed to use this once […]

Asian Beauty Products No. 1: What is BB Cream or Blemish Balms?


This week I am doing some basic Asian beauty guides for newbies who would like to know more about Asian products. Today is BB Creams! BB stands for Blemish Balm. BB cream was originally formulated in Germany to help laser surgery patents protect and heal their skin. In Korea it really took off and therefore most of the major BB creams come from Korean brands. BB creams tend to offer a all in one protection; […]

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