Armani Color Corrector Concealers – How I love thee!


Corrective concealer in four color-balancing shades designed to target specific complexion concerns. Exclusive micro-fil technology allows for targeted correction, visibly concealing imperfections while light-reflecting pearls impart a halo of light imparting a seamless, flawless facial canvas. Corrective concealer shades include: Pink (Shade 1) counteracts sallow, dull skin and effectively corrects yellow and olive pigmentation. Orange (Shade 2) targets olive or darker skin tones to conceal under-eye circles, freckles, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Yellow (Shade 3) […]

Giorgio Armani Lip Wax, Bobbi Brown Mauve & Clear Last Eye Primer


Random haulings of the week…it’s been a busy one but are are some beauty snippets – Bobbi Brown Mauve: I like the BB raspberry palette very much and this mauve is nice too – although I’m not sure why I need such a huge pan of blush…my face isn’t that big….anyway, the lip colours are pretty sheer and they eyeshadows are not as soft as the Raspberry palette ones but its still a stellar palette. […]

10p Face Masks & 88 Colour Palettes & FOTD


So I am bitter and resentful that you girls Stateside get all the coolest bargains, where as in the UK we are always paying top buck for everything and not even getting decent customer service either. Anyway there’s a bargain store we have here called – er, Home Bargains. Oh the shame, the shame. I scour the shop for cheap bits and bobs – and I spotted these face masks for 10p each!: Hey, cheaper […]

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric & Ochra 2008 Palette


So there I was, innocently walking through my favourite store in the world, selfridges, enjoying my new found discipline – i.e. ‘No Buy’ and what flashes before me? A new counter ladies. Not just any new counter. Not just another Lancome, Clinique or Chanel. All on its own, on a sleek, black space complete with plasma tv displays…. Armani. Cosmetics.

Giorgio Armani Illuminator

Want radiance? Want it all over? I do. Some illuminates are so pearly they are better off in concentrated areas. I wanted something pinkish, pearly that I could use all over for a dewy look. So I found this baby: Giorgio Armani Illumniator in no. 7 which is a very pale pink with pearly reflects. What is nice about this is the nice, light texture so it doesn’t feel greasy or gloopy. I put it […]

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